Thursday, September 25, 2014

Just Like Bubba(s)

I was going to choose just one of these photos to put into Lila's monthly post, but I couldn't even narrow the choices down to three photos. So of course these pictures needed a post of their own.

Our Lila. Girlfriend loves to accessorize. If she finds a necklace or bracelet or shoes or a bow or anything that can be construed as an accessory, she asks not so much, "Mom, can you put this on me?" but "Mom, how am I not already wearing this?!" She often wears four or five necklaces at a time. It's riciulous. But cute.

In addition to accessories, Lila LOVES clothes. She especially loves to chose her own clothes. She eats in a diaper only (less laundry) and she is okay with roaming for a little while after meals without her clothes, but once she sees any article of clothing she is reminded that she doesn't have any clothes and needs some, now.

One day, she was roaming post-lunch and stumbled upon some clothing: a pair of Reed's chiller shorts and one of Asher's chiller shirts. We are serious about our chillers. She was suddenly seized by the need to wear her brothers' clothes. She brought the clothes to me, indicated that she most definitely needed to wear them, then waited impatiently until I dressed her.

Then she was on the runway. She was so impressed by her outfit that she strutted around the room looking pleased with herself, flashing us grins and poses like nobody's business. 

Love her.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Hahaha...silly girl! :)