Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mama's Helper

I've been posting about Lila a lot lately and, because I worry about things that many other people don't even fathom being worried about, I'm pretty sure that one day the boys are going to be reading the blog books that I will hopefully have finished and will be super offended at the slew of Lila posts. Sorry, boys.

Back to the matter at hand: Lila and dinner prep time. Dinner prep time is the bane of Lila's existence. She loathes dinner prep time, because it is the one time a day where I am completely inaccessible to her. She is baffled when she holds her hands up to me and makes her pleading eyes and I don't pick her up because my hands or covered in chicken or some other substance I don't want covering him. She is not impressed by my requests for her to "go find a toy" or "play with her brothers" or "just do anything." So I generally park her on the counter because, for whatever reason, she'd rather be sitting on the counter next to me and not doing anything than playing with a toy she likes or a brother she adores in a room without me.

Anyway, suffice it to say that Lila spends dinner prep time on the counter. 

Lila has recently developed a love for socks. I am quite sure that this love stemmed from watching her brothers--particularly Ashie--who adore socks. Asher has been known to trade socks several times a day because he just can't decide which pair to wear. Or he'll wear three pairs on top of each other so he doesn't have to choose. Lately, each time Asher gets socks, Lila decides she needs socks.

Then sometimes they both decide they also need socks on their hands.

And after hand socks, oven mitts become quite amusing.

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