Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Splash Pad

A few times since we've moved to Las Vegas, the boys have mentioned that they wish we still lived in St. George. I usually ask them why they would rather be in St. George, expecting to hear that they miss living close to Grandma or they really liked having a backyard; but every time, without fail, they respond, "So we could play at that really awesome splash pad all the time." I'll give it to them: the splash pad in St. George is definitely quite awesome, though I'm not sure the splash pad alone is reason to move back to St. George. Anyway, when I asked them what they wanted to do while we in St. George, I was not surprised when the first and only activity they came up with was the splash pad.

We happened to have Hailey and Kody along with us, which made our splash pad trip even more exciting. And, perhaps because we went early, we were the only people at the splash pad for a while, which was doubly awesome: the kids had more room to run and I had an easier time doing a five-child head count every few minutes. I already considered myself a proficient counter, but after that morning I had 1-5 down more solidly than ever before.

We played at the splash pad for quite a long time. They ran, climbed, splashed, and wreaked general mayhem. And all the kids (well, four out of five) really enjoyed making dams, overflowing the river, then letting the water burst through their dam and rush toward the end. Hailey was a huge help with Lila, keeping an eye on her and keeping her entertained for me like a pro. And we even had a splash pad first: Reed got brave enough to sit in the middle of the shooting fountains, something we've never even been able to suggest without him breaking into tears before. He was sitting on Hailey's lap, but I'll chalk that up to progress.

Once we started to get extra hot, we dried off a bit and went across the street to Judd's, an old-fashioned candy store. I gave each kid a budget ($1, I'm not made of money) and let them pick their own treat and got bread sticks to share. I'm fun like that. After we were done with our highly nutritious mid-morning snack, we realized that we'd lingered long enough that the carousel was open. And what is a trip to the splash pad without a ride on the carousel?

Asher was too nervous to sit on a horse when we got on the carousel, so he opted for one of the large benches you can sit on. He used to ride the horses gleefully as an eighteen month old, but apparently he's gotten fearful in his old age. After a few laps, though, he was ready to try a horse. Honestly, I'm not sure if he liked the horse or not; but he didn't cry, so we'll call it a win.

After the carousel, we were ready to go home and sleep--or at least I was.

Maybe Asher, too.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

What a fun day! That splash pad is most definitely a fun one. I see why the boys miss it. :)