Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Monthly Asher: 47

One day something broke and Asher said, "Awwww, now it's all jacked up!"

We were driving and Asher was counting by tens: "seventy, eighty, ninety, tenty, eleventy, twelvety..."

We started school with Ashie's buddies recently and he loves it! The first week was at our house and he was beyond excited to have it there.

Asher listens to a mix of Disney songs at his nap time. He and Reed listen to different songs at night, so he's the only one who listens to these songs. Anyway, one day he was telling us about a song of his that goes, "Sleeping night in jail, sleeping night in jail..." As it turns out, the lyrics are actually, "Sing, sweet nightingale, sing sweet nightingale..."

When Reed is at school, Asher chooses what we do together. Every day, without fail, he's chosen games. Our go-tos (because Lila can't do anything badly to them) are Hi-ho Cherry-O and Pop Goes Froggio.

One of the two roads that leads to Reed's school is currently under construction and closed. Because there is only one road now that leads to the school, the traffic backs up quite a bit. We've found a shortcut, though, through a neighborhood called Huntington that bypasses the traffic and doesn't put us too far from where we want to be. Now, Asher requests to go through Huntington every time we leave Reed's school. One day he told me, "Mommy, you know how it's called Honeytin? I get the 'honey', like honey you put on a sam. But I don't get the 'tin'."

Another cute thing Asher says: "their chuther" means "each other."

Asher has a hard time pronouncing the letters 'R' and 'L.' We have been working on L's toether (saying luh luh instead of wuh wuh) and he is doing pretty well with L as a beginning sound. He is even starting to catch himself saying wuh and will occasionally correct himself. He's always so proud of himself when he does!

Asher thinks that any injury, no matter how minuscule, needs a bandaid. Even small scratches that are mostly healed but still have a bloddy spot--a scab--need a bandaid, for sure. One day he had a bandaid on his chin, then scratched Reed's face so Reed had a bandaid on his upper lip. And we went out in public like that.

Asher has started to measure himself lately with the stairs and the couch. He is happy to report that he is one stair long and also one short couch long. He's pretty proud of how tall he is.

Asher has invented something he calls a tornado. Basically, he spreads a blanket out, then rolls himself up in it like a burrito. And then he just lays there giggling. He and Reed love it.

Asher has always loved his hats, but lately he's found another accessory: he's created a "suit" for himself. The suit is his scarf, which he passes across the back of his neck, makes an x across his back, then ties in front. Speaking of ties--Asher recently learned how to tie a know and is ridiculously proud of the fact. He ties his suit, his hat earflaps under his chin, basically anything that can be tied will be tied.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Do they get any cuter than that? Love that kid so much!! Love the tornado, too cute. :)