Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Monthly Lila: 20

Lila has finally accepted and embraced hairbows. (Or bow bows, as the case may be.) She loves having a bow in her hair and generally keeps it in. She often goes to the drawer where we keep the bows, finds a bow, then brings it to me so I'll put it in her hair. She's also developed a love for hats, particular beanies. She wears them around the house all day when she finds them.

Lila recently discovered a Winnie the Pooh board book and has fallen in love. She very quickly picked up the word "pooh" and now yells "POOH!" every time I tell her to get a book. She also loves our peek-a-who book. The pages go something like this: peek-a....moo! peek a....boo! peek a...zoo! peek a....choo choo! peek a...you! She LOVES it and says all the rhyming "oo" words with me. Another character she has randomly fallen in love with is Mickey. Her only exposure to him is from her diapers and one board book we love but now she freaks out if she sees "mi-mee" in the store.

(She wanted to be in the picture. And to put on her shoes)

If Lila wants a drink (which is often), she finds a cup then stands by the fridge yelling, "BEEEEEEEES!" (please) until someone comes and fills her drink for her. If you ask her where something is she either locates it or puts her hands up in the air and says, "Know?" It's so cute.

(Still worried about her shoes)

When Lila needs a boost, she stands next to the item she's trying to climb, puts her hand on her bum (in boost spot), and looks at me imploringly.

Lila is starting to say more words and is also starting to copy more of the words we say. Here are a few of her new words: bow, pooh (as in Winnie the Pooh), know, m-ow (meow), dodor (doctor), moo, deeees (geez or cheese), de-dus (Jesus), beeeees (please), dooo (Goo aka Ashie), daw daw (dog), muh-mee (monkey), bow wow, bah bah (ball) and my. She has also started very occasionally combining two words for one thought. She says most words twice, which is actually pretty cute. Some of the words she always says twice are "bear bear," "Jae Jae," "my my," "ball ball," and "bow bow" to name a few.

Lila loves rolling up my yoga mat and turning off the TV when I'm done with my workout. She yells "ROLL!" and comes running over. She usually *tries* to put the mat away, too.

Recently, Lila was sick. She drank a sip of water before we knew she was sick and almost immediately threw up. An hour later she was begging for water so I gave her some and she immediately threw up again. After that we decided to take a little break from water until we could figure something out. Lila was so mad that I wouldn't give her a drink. She kept finding cups and water bottles, then bringing them to me saying, "Beeeeeeeees!" (please) so I would fill them up. The real killer was when she found my water bottle and told me, "Mama Jae Jae nee nee!" (need need)

One day I was singing along with a Taylor Swift song. The song was on a part where Taylor sings "ahhhh," so I sang along. From the back seat Lila yelled, "AHHHHHHHHHH!"

Lila knows a ton of body parts and loves to identify them. She knows head, hair, eyes, ears, tongue, mouth, teeth, belly, arms, eyes, legs, feet, hands, and buns.

Lila also knows a few animal sounds. Her favorite is doggie: bow wow. The way she says bow wow is fantastic--she says it with a growling voice. She also knows what a monkey says: Ahhhhhhhh. I was trying to teach her ah-ah-ah, but she just keeps it with the one ah. She says her ahhhhh in a very low voice without fail--I'm not really sure where that came from. She also sometimes knows cows: Moooooooooo! If you ask her what any other animal says, she growls.

One day I was carrying Lila up the stairs when she started excitedly pointing at the picture of Jesus on the stairwell yelling, "DE-DUS!" (Jesus!). I don't know if she hadn't noticed the picture before, but she was super excited about it this time. 

If we ask Lila to fold her arms, she sometimes listens. If she does fold them, it's only for a few seconds until she's ready to move on to something else. She does generally fold her arms if she hears someone say "amen," so at least she associates amen with prayers. One day, though, she decided to say her own prayer. She folded her arms, yelled, "Jesus! Yeah!" then continued on her way. 

For the past few weeks Ryan has been home after dinner time but before bed time. He usually eats dinner when he gets home. Lila usually perches on the chair next to him begging for bites, even though she has already eaten dinner. She has tried a few approaches: outright stealing bites off his plate, pointing to a bite and saying "Jae Jae," and opening her mouth and pointing inside. She's generally successful.

We had joy school at our house a few weeks ago and Lila hopped right in the middle of those four four-year-old boys and was pretty sure she was a school kid, too. She was not intimidated at all and tried to be a part of everything!

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