Friday, September 5, 2014

The Monthly Reed: 68

Reed, unfortunately, is growing out of the age where he has a bunch of little words or phrases he says just enough off to be funny. One he does still have, though, is "Pee lime pie" (AKA key lime pie yogurt). I smile every time he says it and just can't quite bring myself to correct him.

Lately, Reed has been a lot more interested than usual in helping out in kitchen cooking and chores--and after realizing that he could use the microwave by himself, he and I started working on making a cookbook together of the things he can make. I write the directions and he draws the pictures--we make a pretty good team! Having this cookbook has made Reed a lot more confident in the kitchen. He ate only things in his cookbook for breakfast/lunch for a solid four days because he wanted to be able to make them! He pulls out his book and follows the directions by himself from start to finish.

At back-to-school family day with Daddy.

As his class was walking through the halls on the first day of school, the other kids were being kind of crazy. Reed said, "Let's go falcons!" (but not too loud) to help the other kids remember to be good :)

First day of school :)

Reed sits at a table with three girls who are all well-behaved in class. We were talking about how it's nice to sit by other kids who are being good because it helps him to be good, too. I made a comment about how girls are often more calm than boys. He responded, "Yeah, but girls can get crazy sometimes. Especially when they're around lots of other girls."

One day Asher and Lila were sleeping and Reed was quiet timing. From downstairs, I thought I heard Lila crying. Then I realized I was hearing Reed singing a song he made up.

We were in the boys' room cleaning and listening to their primary CD. There came a part about "heeding the prophets" and Reed said, "Mommy! I've been wanting you to listen to this for a long time. Because why does it say 'eating the prophets'?"

I was having a hard night. Reed stopped in the doorway on his way to the bathroom and told me, "I love you mommy." Then he came and have me a hug. I told him I'd missed him while he was at school and he said the he missed us, too. I said something about how he probably doesn't have much chance to think about it, though, since he's been having so much fun at school. That's when he turned to me and said, "Yeah, but I love you more than I love school." 

Our star student got to pick a prize the first week of school for good behavior!

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Love that sweet kid! Glad school is going so well for him. I bet his teacher just loves him to pieces!! :)