Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Monthly Reed: 70

We were at the park waiting for Ryan to come meet us with my parents, whom he'd just picked up from the airport. Reed wasn't feeling great and was tired of playing so we laid on the grass to wait. A party nearby had jazz music playing and Reed said, "At least we have fancy music to listen to!"

One day I told Reed something and he said, "But are you positive?" Then I told him I was pretty sure. Later he told me something later and said, "I'm almost sure. I'm about 90% sure." He's also been known to ask, "Are you certain?"

I was having a hard night. Reed stopped in the doorway on his way to the bathroom and told me, "I love you mommy." Then he came and have me a hug. I told him I'd missed him while he was at school and he said the he missed us, too. I said something about how he probably doesn't have much chance to think about it, though, since he's been having so much fun at school. That's when he turned to me and said, "Yeah, but I love you more than I love school." Coming from him, that's a big deal.

We were listening to the song "Keep the Commandments" when the boys asked, "Why does it say 'eating the prophets?'" Good question, boys. (The actual words are "heeding the prophets." Reed and Asher's version is certainly more interesting.)

One day he told me that when we were finished we'd have "time to spare." It seemed like such a grown-up phrase to come out of him!

Reed has invented a game for us that we play during Mommy and Buddy time. It's kind of convoluted and the rules often changed but it is quite inventive. Usually, Reed is the Chief of Police. His job also includes being the bank. I get to choose a job. One time I was an architect and I had to draw tiny pictures of buildings to earn my money. A few times I've been a teacher and had to teach other guys math and science. (By the way, we are using Imaginext guys to act this out, not acting it out ourselves.) When I'm a teacher Reed is also the bus driver. Another time I was a vet and healed a family of Zoobles. Lately, though, we've morphed into being a family. One time I was the mom and suggested we go out to dinner. Reed, the dad, said, "Did they [the kids] hear that? Let's go make our plan in the living room"--which is hilarious because that's a conversation Ryan and I have had many times. Last time our guys put on a magic show, after which the audience was invited to come up and share talents. And today we were bad guys who robbed a bank! You never know what is going to happen during M and B time.

Reed decided he wanted to be a red ninja (it had to be red) for Halloween. After we got his costume, he wore the headband thing for a week solid and even cuddled with it in bed. We have a t-shirt that has a ninja graphic on it and as soon as he took his costume off he put the ninja shirt on. The shirt has made it's appearance more than a few times since. The costume didn't come with weapons but we went to the store to get a few, since Reed really, really wanted weapons, and he thanked me for the weapons over and over. And, while my dad was here for a day, he and Reed played ninjas (Reed was the trainer) pretty much constantly.

Speaking of M and B time, one day Reed needed to go to the bathroom during our M and B time and he told me, "Mommy, I have to go potty...but can we not count this as part of our M and B time?" He cherishes every minute.

Reed and I, along with Asher, have been working our way through Phonics Pathways. Reed was already doing a pretty good job at reading but Phonics Pathways has really worked to solidify his knowledge and his confidence. We've worked our way through short vowel sounds, two letter blends, and three letter blends, and are about to move on to two-consonant endings. Asher takes a little longer to sound out each blend but Reed generally gets them right away. I'm proud of both of them for working so hard!

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