Friday, October 24, 2014

Asher Turns Four!

Asher's birthday was really great this year. Grandma and Grandpa Hambly were on their way back from a week in Utah and spent Friday through Sunday with us, which meant that they got to be here on Asher's birthday! On Friday night, we went out to Redrock for a short hike, then went to our favorite local restaurant, Rambo's. Asher ordered "mini" pancakes--which ended up being two pancakes that each filled the entire plate! He ate every bit of those pancakes and of the two eggs that came on the side and was the first one finished. We were all shocked--it was so. much. food. and Asher is not usually a big eater. Apparently he was hungry.

Saturday was Asher's actual birthday. He wanted to start the day with donuts (or, more specifically, Halloween sprinkle donuts) so he and Daddy headed to the best donut place in town (Glazier's, woot woot) and brought back a dozen for everyone to share. Yum. Then we went to the Bellagio Gardens to check out the Halloween displays. The gardens were beautiful, per usual, and the boys loved the giant carved goblin-ish things. Reed also got to spend a very cute few minutes with Grandpa while Grandpa explained how a waterwheel worked. (Side note: Grandpa also explained to Ryan how to tell if a light fixture or the wiring in the house is what is causing the problem without actually attaching the light fixture. And he installed both our new light fixtures. I think he and Ryan do some kind of fix-it project every time he comes.)

Unfortunately, the fountains didn't start their shows until the afternoon, so we skipped straight to Asher's next request: the Children's Museum! We had so much fun and spent time in a few places we haven't spent much time in before. The Children's Museum is always a hit and we had a lot of fun exploring it with Grandma and Grandpa. We had all worked up an appetite after a few hours, so headed out in search of lunch. Asher really, really wanted to go to McDonald's (he even asked tearfully, "Can I just choose since it's my birthday?) but we sold him on Weinerschnitzel when we told him how cool it would be to go to a new place. And it was cool. Apparently we sold him, too, because he ate all his lunch and later commented on how great the lunchie place was and we should definitely go there again. Win.

We went home for some quiet time (the boys have been working on a secret project together. They still haven't revealed the entire project, though that day they did show one component: a shirt made out of paper.) and a nap for Dolly. After the boys were done, Asher finally got to open his presents. First, we let both boys open a present: wallets with money to spend on a souvenir in Legoland! (we are going next weekend!) Then Asher got to business. He had so much fun opening his presents. Each present he would lift high over his head muscle-man style to carry to his chair. He'd lay the gift on his lap, sticking his legs straight out to hold the present with his toes. Then he'd rip the paper off, exclaim over the present, and move on to the next thing. 

After presents and some new present playtime, we had dinner: pizza, per Asher's request. I made pepperoni and cheese for the boys and pulled pork for the adults. Then we burned off some energy riding bikes. And finally, we had dessert! Since we'd just barely had cupcakes for Asher's party, he chose to have MnM cookies (a surprise request--I've never made them before!).  We ate the cookies around the fire pit and even made s'mores. The boys had cookie s'mores--cookie, marshmallow, chocolate, cookie. The boys' toy from their lunch at Weinerschnitzel was "Fright Lights"--flashlights. They had fun trying to shine the lights all the way into the sky. 

The day was so long, but so fun. And the next morning, Grandma and Grandpa got to come to church with us. We were practicing for the primary program, so they got to hear Reed's and Asher's parts, which was fun. After church and our traditional Sunday lunch of tuna toastwiches (we seriously have them every Sunday), Grandma and Grandpa drove home. Asher had a great birthday weekend and we are glad Grandma and Grandpa were here to share it!

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Mandi Rolfe said...

That sounds (and looks) like a fabulous birthday! Happy Birthday AshieB!