Thursday, October 30, 2014


Recently, a fellow ward member posted a picture on facebook of a kiddie pool she was giving away, asking if anyone was interested. I was very interested. And I was the first to comment. I told her I would have to work out a way to come get it--and the next thing I knew, she was knocking on my door, pool in hand. She also had a trike in hand, because she's nice like that.

We tried it out that very day. The kids had ridiculous amounts of fun. And I was even a fun mom and climbed in with them. The water was freezing but the blazing sun balanced it out, I think. Lila was napping when the boys and I started playing, so we got our craziest splashing out early. Reed has a water squirter that has a rattlesnake head on the top. Apparently the snake is super sneaky and creeps into your body when you aren't looking. The snake then resides in your big toe until you have surgery to remove it. Well, the snake crept into me when I wasn't paying attention, and Reed had to use his special operating machine (which happened to look just like the snake that was inside me!) to pull the snake way up to my back. He couldn't get the snake all the way out, but told me it would dissolve over time. 

Lila woke up and went from grumpy to pumped the second she saw her swim diaper. She knows what swim diapers signify. When she got into the pool, the boys showed her the slide straightaway. And the slide is where she spent the next hour. She'd climb the steps, perch precariously at the top, plop down, then turn over onto her tummy mid-slide. She's crazy cute. 

After a while, the sun started to go down and we started to get chilly. We've used the pool a few times since and have even played in it dry with race cars a few time. All in all, a good free find.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

How cute! I didn't know they made those pools with slides. Fun!!