Monday, October 13, 2014

Good Things Today

1. The boys both love to pick out Lila's jammies. Lila also loves to pick out her own jammies. Sometimes a power struggle ensues over who gets to pick the jammies for baby girl. Tonight, though, Ashie and Lila went up to her room together, peacefully picked out her jammies, then marched down stairs to me. Asher told me, "Lila is going to look SO dope in these jammies!"

2. I noticed today just how often the boys ask me to come look at something or other that is super cool and will most likely change my life. And guess what I did? I went and looked. I can't always drop everything and go check out whatever it is they want to show me, but I've realized that I can easily put down my phone or step away from cooking dinner for a minute or whatever to go look instead of putting them off. (I'm not saying I should always drop everything or can always drop everything, just that I need to stop delaying so often.) I got to see a really cool "parking lot" of Ashie's new cars, a cool Lego thing Reed made, several bike tricks from both boys--mostly standing up while pedaling, and many more cool surprises.

3. While we were out riding bikes Lila wanted me to come push her on her bike. Her mode of communicating this? Marching over to me, yelling, "Ma!" then pushing my leg toward her bike. When I tried to grab her hand to walk over together, she just kept pushing my leg. Stinker. Cute stinker, though.

4. I was finishing up making dinner and Reed, after he set the table, asked, "Is there anything else I can do to help you, Mommy?" He's so thoughtful.

5. Asher, Lila, and I went to the park while Reed was at school, then ran errands. Asher, for whatever reason, really, really wanted to get a Gatorade at the store. He didn't go on and on about it or whine about it, just mentioned a few times how he really loves Gatorade and how it would be so fun to get one. So we did. Totally out of character for me because I don't really buy extras, especially in the drink department, but his day was MADE.

6. Lila and Asher were so cute together at the park! They actually got along and neither screamed the entire time, which is a big deal. Asher would climb up the ladder, then wait on the slide for Lila to climb up the ladder. She'd sit on his lap and they'd slide down, cracking up.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Such cute kids!! Love them. :)