Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Painting Party

The boys and I were trying to come up with a craft one day. I suggested what I thought were several cute ideas, but they struck down each one. Then Reed had an epiphany: we should paint Halloween pictures! Why didn't I think of that? Only a few supplies were necessary: paint, paper, brushes, plates, and water. One supply was unnecessary: shirts, because things getting ruined makes me sad. We were all occupied for a long, long time. The kids were fun to watch. Lila was super impressed by every mark she made on the page. Asher whipped through his first design quickly and did three more while Reed worked on just one. Reed was very methodical and contemplated each paint stroke he added. Knowing them, I'm not surprised by how they worked.

From left to right: Reed trick or treating on Halloween, (top) Asher's haunted house, (bottom) my pumpkin, Lila's creation, Asher's invention (he didn't elaborate on what it does), Reed's haunted house. In Reed's haunted house, the black circle with colors at the bottom is witches' brew. There is black stuff going into the sky that mixes with the yellow lightning. When they mix, at least two bricks fall off the house (gray arrow on the right).

I asked Reed to smile. He did smile, but kept looking at his painting--he didn't want to break his focus!

The boys saw a spot of paint Lila had accidentally painted on her face. They cracked up, then painted their faces, too.

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