Monday, October 13, 2014

Open House

Last week was Reed's open house at school! Our very first open house in a long line of open house events to come. Ryan has been so busy this tax extension season--way busier than last year and compounded because the other LV tax staffer left the firm for a different company about a month ago--and wasn't able to make it to open house. Reed was quite sad that Daddy wouldn't be there, but was, thankfully, quickly mollified when I suggested taking a lot of pictures that he could show Daddy later. And because I left open house with a plethora of pictures, posting open house pictures on the blog seemed only appropriate.

Our night started with a presentation by Reed's teacher, Ms. McClenathan. I spent the presentation partially listening and partially trying to keep Lila on my lap. Toward the end of the presentation, in an effort to keep Lila from screaming her signature scream, I had Reed climb onto my lap and let her have her very own chair. She was pleased. Reed wasn't bothered, either. After the presentation, we got to do an open house scavenger hunt. Here is what we found:

1. Reed's spot at his table with his September journal!

2. Reed's shape owl in his classroom.

3. Reed's Pete the Cat project in the tech area.

4. Reed's good friend project in the kinder hallway.

5. Reed's family project in the kinder dismissal hallway.

6. The Book Fair, the library, the p.e. room, the art room, and the computer room (not pictured) (my bad)

We ended back in the classroom where we turned in the scavenger hunt, for which Reed was rewarded with a trip to the treasure box the next day. (He chose a popper--the bowl shaped things that once inverted will pop in the air to regain their normal shape.)

Honestly, keeping track of Lila while trying to check out all of Reed's open house stuff was a little trying at times (she's currently very opposed to being held or holding hands unless she initiates), but I'm glad we went. We had a good time.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Great job Reeder!! Looks like he's doing great in school. :)