Friday, October 31, 2014


We put off getting pumpkins because the weather here has still been quite warm and I knew that once pumpkins were in our possession the boys would not rest until we carved the pumpkins. On Monday, we decided it was finally time to get our pumpkins and carve them. We started at Smith's. The bin was empty, save a few diseased looking, super ugly pumpkins. Nope. We decided to try our luck at Wal-Mart. All they had were tiny pumpkins that cost $4 each. Yeah, right. The kids were starting to melt down at this point (especially Asher, who was on antibiotics for an ear infection and was ridiculously grumpy) so we decided to try one last store: Glazier's. Glazier's just so happened to have a bounty of gorgeous pumpkins. The kids surprisingly quickly chose their pumpkins, Ryan sneakily grabbed a few pints of BlueBell ice cream to be enjoyed once they were in bed, and we made the trip home.

We'd originally planned on carving our pumpkins that night, but because of our journeys in trying to buy pumpkins, we knew it wasn't going to happen. Surprisingly, the boys took the news well and went right to bed. Then Ryan and I ate our ice cream.

On Tuesday night, we got to business. I was sure Ryan and I were going to be cleaning out three pumpkins--last year the boys wouldn't even try to touch the guts. But I was pleasantly surprised when Reed worked hard on cleaning out his pumpkin. He didn't love the sliminess, so his work was slow, but he did work nonetheless. Asher made a halfhearted attempt at one scoop of seeds, then asked me to finish. Lila yelled, "LILAAAAAAA!" until Ryan cut off her pumpkin lid, then gave her pumpkin hugs and drew all over it until I could clean hers. After I finished Asher's and Lila's, I gave Reed a break and finished his, too. Phew.

 Asher wanted a face gasping, which he demonstrated for us several times. He drew the face, then Ryan carved it. I free-handed a face on Lila's pumpkin on the side opposite her drawing.

Reed drew a cool face, but it was tiny--so I asked him to try again on the other side. Again, tiny. He started crying when  I told him it was still too small--it would be crazy hard to carve and not much light would come through. He and Ryan decided to work together, with Reed describing and Ryan drawing, then carving.

Lila almost got her finger cut off (not really, but it was too close for comfort) because she just couldn't leave her pumpkin alone! she kept touching it while I was trying to carve.

When the pumpkins were finally done, we put them on our porch and didn't light them, because we didn't have candles. Oops. But, we did pose by them, and Lila did take the lid off hers approximately 25,000 times. She was very, very impressed with herself. The boys were being goofy, posing and asking me to take pictures. And of course I did. Did they even need to ask? Nope.

At one point, I was trying to get them all to smile at me. I would have even settled for them looking in my direction. They wouldn't, of course, so I gave up and was about to go inside. Asher started crying, yelling, "BUT I WANT TO SMILE!" (He was still grumpy from the ear infection.) (I hope.) Anyway, this is what Asher looks like when he "wants to smile."

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Wow! All of that and you still made it out alive. I'm impressed. I hope you had some ice cream on Tuesday night too. :) You're amazing!! And your kids are adorable.