Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

This might sound weird, but Asher's party attendees (AKA his friends) were all fantastic gift givers. One thing I particularly appreciated was that he was gifted a lot of crafts/activities, rather than just toys. We already have SO many toys and really didn't need more! We spent the next week doing a new craft or activity every day. One such activity was sidewalk chalk paint.

Can I just say that I'm very, very glad I had the foresight to have everybody wear chillers? Sometimes I feel like such a legit mom when I think of things like that. Clothes might have been fine, because the chalk did wash out--but you never know. Anyway, back to the paint. It came with packets of chalky powder. I added water and we had sidewalk chalk paint. Woot woot. The kids went to town, especially Lila. I'm not sure there was a part of her that wasn't covered in sidewalk chalk paint by the time we finished.

I painted for a while, too, mainly running interference on Lila so she wouldn't spill all the paint, chew on her paint roller, or otherwise wreak havoc. The boys were quite impressed by the "Hambly" I painted, and oohhed and ahhhed over my sun. It's nice to feel awesome. After a while I abandoned my brush (Lila is a force to be reckoned with), then went a little crazy and pulled out the real camera. I know, right? Here's what I got:


Nicolas said...

Fun! And props to you for not only thinking of the chillers, but also for being okay with your kids being kids and not stressing about where the paint ended up. It's so much fun for them ... but easier said than for us!

Nicolas said...

*easier said than DONE for us.
PS - Don't you love that our kids have the ability to make us feel completely 100% awesome? And they do it with the simplest comments and/or gestures.