Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Skeleton Jammies

Sometimes weird things make me happy.

Like Skeleton Pajamas.

You read that right: skeleton pajamas. I didn't even know I had a thing for skeleton pajamas until I bought some newborn-sized clothes secondhand for Lila. Included with these clothes were skeleton jammies, sized newborn. Can we all agree that everything is cuter sized newborn? Anyway, I got all excited about the tiny pink skeleton jammies because the boys both had a pair of skeleton jammies from Grandma. So really, the skeleton thing started accidentally. I wasn't even really involved with the original pair. Anyway, my three baby skeletons looked awfully cute in their jammies in January.
{Asher, Lila, and Reed, January 2013}

They also looked cute in October 2013 when Lila graduated into Asher's 12-month sized skeleton jammies (which were a hand-me-down from cousin Calum) (See? The jammies chose us). Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of their cuteness. I'm shocked, too. But I did take a picture of Asher wearing the 12-month jammies in 2011, which is practically the same thing.

{Asher, October 2011}

Two weeks ago I was going through the boys' bursting pajama and chiller drawers and realized that Asher had outgrown his skeleton pajamas. Reed had also outgrown his skeleton pajamas. Reed's skeleton pajamas went into Asher's drawer. Asher's skeleton pajamas went into Lila's drawer. And I got a little teary when I compared almost two-year-old Asher and almost four-year-old Reed to almost-two-year-old Lila and almost-four-year old Asher.

{Reed and Asher, September 2012}

{Asher and Lila, October 2014}

Asher was sad to see his skeletons go, but quickly appeased when he realized he got to wear Reed's skeletons. Reed, on the other hand, was not pleased that he no longer owned skeleton jammies. And then I realized that skeleton jammies had become a tradition, and tradition is tradition. We needed skeleton jammies for all of our children. So we went to Wal-Mart. No luck. Target. No luck. Ryan went to another Wal-Mart. No luck. Ryan went to another Target. No luck, but according to them the first Target we checked actually did have a pair of size 6 skeleton jammies (not just the size 8s and 4s I'd seen before). The kids and I tried Target again. I had a good feeling. But, alas, despite talking to customer service and the fitting room attendant and searching the boys' section myself, there were no size 6 skeleton jammies.

Now, there are a lot of Targets and Wal-Marts in Vegas. But my desire to maintain tradition only goes so far (it has about a 10-mile radius, apparently)--so we bought the size 8 pajamas. For $10, which is at least twice as much as I have paid for a pair of pajamas, ever. They're really, really long in the legs, but I sold the size to Reed as "cozy" and "you'll fit into them for three years" and all was right in the world.

Once again, we had everyone in skeleton pajamas.
 {Reed, Lila, and Asher, October 2014}

And it just doesn't seem right to do a post about skeleton pajamas without posting this picture, which shows Reed wearing the first skeleton pajamas to ever enter our life. The tradition originators, if you will.
{Reed, October 2011}

This one seems fitting, too. Thanks for smiling and looking at the camera, Asher.
{Cole, Asher, Reed, and Kayla, October 2011}

And this isn't a picture of skeleton pajamas, but it is a picture of Asher wearing his first-ever costume. Don't you just want to snuggle with him?
 {Asher, October 2010}

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Oh my gosh! I seriously can not handle all of the cuteness in this post!! Oh my adorableness. :)