Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sometimes They Like Each Other

Reed and Asher are kind of frenemies. (Friends + Enemies. Tell me you've heard it before.) Seriously, though--they fight a ton and generally are mad at each other unless they're playing really well together and giving each other hugs while reading a book together. I'm not even joking. School starting did wonders for their relationship; as it turns out, a few-hours-long break each day helped them to not make each other crazy so often. But now, as we are nearing the end of week two of track break, the fighting is back in full-force.

During times like these, I often try to seek photographic evidence that they do, in face enjoy spending time together. (And if the evidence is lacking, I list the ways in which they are nice to each other. Sometimes.)

Like when they randomly pull out blankets and make beds next to each other on the floor.

Or when they wake up early and build a boat in Asher's bed together and bring all the stuffed animals into the boat to keep them company.

Or when they ask if they can take pictures on my phone and end up taking selfies like this one.

Or when they go grab a pile of books, then either trade turns looking at books or spread one book across two laps and look at it together.

And this one time at story time, Reed decided to help Asher do all the actions for the song. And, instead of freaking out as I assumed he'd do, Asher died laughing and went along with it.

Or when they make tickets with secret codes on them, that have a numbered code required to unlock the tickets. Reed helps Asher figure out his code because it's a little tricky for Asher.

And when I overhear them talking in the car and they're either telling each other made up stories about their stuffed animals, or Asher is quizzing Reed on various math problems.

What I'm trying to say, I think, is that though sometimes it seems like all they do is fight, they really do love each other. And I'm glad they have each other. I hope they stay friends--or frenemies, as the case may be.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Such cute frenemies! I love the selfie. And I love that Asher quizzes Reed on Math facts. :)