Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Monthly Asher: 48 (4 YEARS!!!)

Stat time!
Weight: 35 lbs. (35th percentile)
Height: 39.5 in. (30th percentile)

Asher: I really wish I could have a cookie. 
Me: Is your belly full or do you still have room? 
Asher: Well, I'll just take a drink of water to push everything out of the way! (This method worked, apparently, because he drank the water and ate the cookie.) 

Sick day. Asher slept for most of the morning until about 10 a.m., then took a 3 hour nap later! The time in between he spent laying on the couch. Poor boy!

One day Reed asked Asher if Asher would do a favor for Reed. Asher said he would, then Reed explained the favor. Asher responded, "Nope." Reed: "Then why did you say you'd do me a favor?" Asher: "I thought it would be easy." (Unfortunately, I don't remember what the favor was!)

One day we were coloring and Asher told me, "I'm going to use red to color your hair since they don't have golden," (Side note: When I was a little girl, I asserted that my hair was neither red nor orange but golden--the boys have apparently heard this story a time or two!) 

Daddy told Asher to wash his face. Asher responded, "Okay!" then licked his face.
Me at FHE: "What is one of your spiritual talents?" 
Asher: "Getting my poopins out!" (Side note: Asher was quite backed up, which led to him literally going to bathroom every five to ten minutes or so. We went to the doctor and he encouraged us to feed Asher fibrous foods, give him lots of water, and have him sit on the potty three times a day to try to have a bowel movement. We made a poop chart and paid lots of attention to poop for a few weeks. Asher did really well and has been doing much better bowel-wise, and is pretty proud of it!)

Asher with his BOB book! Also, sticking out his tongue is his new big thing in pictures. 

We made cookie dough one day and Asher was sampling a few bites. He told me, "There are lots of good bites so if you want to try one you are welcome to." It was so funny to hear him say "you are welcome to" because that is totally a me phrase.

Asher's best buddy is moving to Idaho. When I explained that to Asher, he was really upset. This buddy is also one of our school friends. After a few minutes, he was still crying, and asked, "So when we have school at Beckett's house we will just have to drive really far?"

He kept using his feet to hold the presents, which was hilarious because he had his new Mike slippers on.

Asher was watching the screen saver on our TV while we were cuddling before his nap (we use the TV for his songs at naptime and the screen saver plays for the first ten minutes or so until the screen goes black.) A picture of a kangaroo came up. Asher said, "See that kangaroo with the x on his nose? Provably someone like drawed it with chalk. Because they were rude." Apparently he thought someone graffitied the picture on the TV.

Asher tells us he can bike "lightning speed."

I started doing Phonics Pathways a month or so ago with Reed. Phonics Pathways is a book that helps you teach your child to read. Anyway, Asher wanted to join us for our daily reading lesson. I let him join, thinking it would be over his head or that he'd soon get bored. I was wrong! He started picking it up right away and really worked hard at it. I think he mostly likes the lessons because we do a game at the end, but he is really picking up on the meat of the lesson, too! He can read three and four letter words (if they use short vowels, we haven't gotten to long vowels yet) and even read his very first BOB book! He is so proud of himself. He's read his book to his school friends, to some friends who came for a play date, and to Grandma and Grandpa. 

With the Loveland girls. Notice his Mike party invitation.

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