Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Monthly Lila: 21

When I fold laundry, Lila likes to sit next to me and tell me who each item of clothing belongs to. She gets particularly excited when she sees something of hers: "Luh Luh! LUH LUH! LUUUUUUH LUUUUUUUUH!" She is surprisingly accurate, even when distinguishing between the boys' clothes, which is not always easy.

Lila always likes to remind me she is going to "walk walk" when we get somewhere. Now, though, she's started making guys and other toys "walk walk" too. She bounces a toy up and down saying, "wah wah wah wah" (Walk walk walk walk). It's quite cute.

One day Lila hear me say we were going to Reed's school. She ran off, grabbed his backpack, then dragged it over to him.

Lila is very, very opinionated. At lunch, I generally let the boys choose at least part of the meal. We often have either cottage cheese, yogurt, or applesauce to go with our lunch. Reed usually chooses applesauce and Asher always chooses cottage cheese, unless we're out. I usually choose Lila's, which wasn't a problem in the past. Today, though, I got applesauce for Lila and Reed and cottage cheese for Asher. When I set the applesauce down in front of her, she started yelling, "No! No!" and pointed emphatically at Asher's bowl of cottage cheese. I asked her, "Do you want applesauce?" She responded, "NO!" I asked her, "Do you want cottage cheese?" She yelled, "YEAH!" And finally I asked her, "What do you say if you need something?" And she yelled, "BEEEEEEEEES!" (please.)

Lila really enjoys playing with toys. She especially loves toys she can push around, so her shopping cart, baby stroller, and Asher's big push Mater are among her favorites. She is also really into Mega Blocks right now and is getting pretty coordinated at making her own little buildings. She also loves this train we have the makes noises when you push it around. And, of course, she is drawn to everything in the boys' room since it's not hers. If I can't find her, she's sure to be in the boys' room, either taking apart k'nex buildings or drawing at their coloring table with a smuggled crayon and piece of construction paper. She does really love to color and will stay interested in coloring for way longer than the boys did at her age.

If Lila wants a drink or something to eat, she opens her mouth and points to or touches her tongue--sometimes while trying to say, "Luh Luh."

If the boys are doing something, Lila has to do it, too. The boys like to grab blankets out of our blanket baskets downstairs and either cozy up with their blankets on the couch or spread the blankets on the floor and pretend their blankets are houses or boats or whatever else they dream up. Lila generally chants, "Luh Luh! Luh Luh!" while she grabs her own blanket, then yells at the boys until one of them reminds her to say "please," after which they spread out her blanket and she copies whatever they are doing.

Lila's favorite word right now is "Luh Luh" (Lila). She used to use "my" or "me" when she needed anything or was referring to herself. Now she just uses Lila, which she has realized is her name.The problem: Lila is the only thing she'll say. When she needs a drink, she stands by the fridge yelling, "Luh Luh!" which means, "Lila needs a drink." If she wants a toy, she'll yell, "Luh Luh!" which means, "Lila wants that toy." If she sees herself, she yells, "Luh Luh!" which means, "Hey, that's me!" If she sees anything that belongs to her, she yells, "Luh Luh!" which means, "That's mine!" Honestly, Luh Luh is getting a little wearing. I've started asking her to say other words before I just give her what she wants and it's kind of working. Hopefully with more effort it will continue to improve!

Lila's favorite bedtime books are Winnie the Pooh Tells Time and Peek a Who? Each page of Peek a Who has the words "peek a" with a cutout. Behind the cutout is something that rhymes with who--like moo, choo choo, or boo. Her favorite page in Peek a Who? is peek a choo choo! She used to yell, "Choo choo!"  on every page after I said, "peek a," but she's getting better at the rest of the book. She knows peek a moo, peek a boo, and peek a choo choo. Peek a zoo is usually interpreted by her as peek a choo choo. And the last page--peek a you with a mirror--is peek a baby, mama! The Winnie the Pooh book has gotten her hooked on Winnie the Poo. She loves "Pooh pooh!" Ryan found her a little Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal and she about had a heart attack she was so excited!

One day Lila used the wipes box as a chair. Now, anytime it's out, she plops herself down on it and rests for a minute or two.

One day, Lila brought me a blanket she wanted spread on her chair (I don't really remember how I deduced this desire). She then laid her Pooh on the chair and said, "Nigh nigh Pooh!" (night night Pooh) and gave him a kiss. Then she climbed into the chair, cuddled Pooh, and said, "Nigh nigh Luh Luh!" (Night night Lila!)

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