Saturday, November 15, 2014

Griffith Observatory

Nevada Day is October 31st, which means that we always get Halloween off from school. Score. This year, Halloween was a Friday. The following Monday or Tuesday were Staff Development Days. And boom! We were left with a five-day weekend.

Our family has been saving for quite a long time for Legoland tickets. We've put all our spare coins, all our random Craigslist sales earnings, and money the boys earned for chores in a jar on our counter. When we realized we'd finally reached the amount we needed to buy Legoland tickets, we were ecstatic. And when we realized we had the five-day weekend coming up, we knew just how to spend our mini-break! 

After the boys' Halloween parties, we drove to California, where we were greeted with a beautiful sunset and Kent's amazing corn chowder. Both good ways to start a vacation. The next morning--Halloween--the rest of the family had to work or go to school, so we decided to spend our day playing. First, we went on a trip to IKEA. The kids got a little crazy at the end, but then Asher won two soft-serve ice cream cones, so everyone was happy once again. 

After our spending spree, we decided to check out Griffith Observatory. When we got there, Asher's need to go potty had reached emergency level, so he and I hopped out and ran to the bathroom while Ryan, Reed, and Lila found a parking spot. After Asher peed for a solid minute (at least), we enjoyed the views while we waited for the others.

Asher wanted to take a picture of the two of us and I kind of love how it turned out.

The Hollywood sign is visible from the Observatory, which was a fun surprise.

Eventually Daddy arrived and I tried to take a successful picture of everyone. Some day I'll learn. Side note: I'm pretty sure Lila's belly wasn't hanging out all day, but what was present all day was her obsession with her skirt. She spied it on the floor of my room when I was packing and was ticked that I wouldn't put it on her that seconds. So when she finally got to wear it she was ecstatic and kept patting it and getting our attention to admire her Halloween skirt.

The observatory was a lot of fun. Lila spent a lot of time like this:

Because there were "ball balls" in the sky everywhere!

We got to go on the roof to see a huge telescope and generally enjoy being on a rooftop.

Ryan let Ashie stand on the edge (while Ryan held on) and Ashie was freaking out. As soon as Ryan retrieved Asher from the ledge the tears subsided and were replaced with a cheesball smile.

My favorite part was this amazing display of vintage star/moon/other heavenly body jewelry. It wound all along this huge hallway with a timeline of various events in space. And apparently the jewelry all came from ONE collector! I don't know why exactly but I just love the display.

Asher took 1,000 pictures on my phone.

And we found the moon!

This also happened:

And, a total aside: while we were in Simi, Grandma and Grandpa treated us to a trip to the Reagan Library. Lila was kind of a pill so I didn't take many pictures, but I did get a few pictures of the boys' favorite part:

We also loved getting to tour Air Force One and a helicopter!

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Mandi Rolfe said...

That observatory looks cool. Lila's skirt is adorable. I see why she's so proud of it. :) Reed is such a great kid! I'm so happy about his reading skills. I wouldn't be too worried about the long vowels. It slows down quite a few kids. That's a really hard concept to understand. And I love your comment about Mrs. Hambly. I get called Miss Rolfe so often that sometimes I find it weird to hear my actual name haha.