Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Halloween 2014

Our Halloween started on the 30th, when both boys got to enjoy school parties. I didn't take a picture of Asher's party because, after dropping Asher off at school and Lila off at a babysitter's house, I got to go to Reed's school to watch his parade and help out at his party. (Though, if I'm being honest, I didn't so much help as just hang out. He liked having me there, though, because when I asked if I should leave he asked me to stay! Sigh.) Anyway, by the amount of oreos smeared onto Asher's face when I picked him up and the cute craft he was holding, I know he had a good time. 

The Kindergarten parade was a little disorganized, but it was fun to see Reed and his classmates looking adorable in their costumes. I also got called "Mrs. Hambly," which was SO weird. I've been called "Sis. Hambly" many, many times, but I truly can't remember the last time I was called Mrs. Hambly. I didn't even feel like they were referring to me.

Anyway, after the boys were sufficiently sugared up (there were SO many cookies/cupcakes/etc. at Reed's party), we loaded the car to drive to California!

On Halloween night, we first went to Shannon's block party, where we ate a lot and played with our "extra cousins," as Asher referred to them. Apparently Janelle's girls are our cousins and Shannon's kids (the boys' second cousins) are our extra cousins.

Finally, it was the time we'd all been waiting for: trick or treating! Woot woot. There were a few quite memorable moments of the night: 1. Asher had to go potty when we were nowhere near Shannon's house. So he and I snuck away from the group and he peed in a bush. Is that illegal?

2. I was carrying Lila and failed to notice a small step. And though small, it was big enough to make me trip and fall, tearing up my knees and, despite my best efforts, hitting the back Lila's head on the pavement. Luckily, I was able to keep her up until after the initial impact, so she didn't hit too hard. After many tears from both of us, I mentioned going to get more treats to Lila and she immediately stopped crying and started walking to the next house. Atta girl.

4. Just as we were finishing up, tiny droplets of rain started falling! Good timing.

5. When we asked Lila to make her ninja moves, she'd grab the little apron on the front of her costume, lift it up, and growl. At each house she'd march up with all the other kids and say, "teet teet!" (treat treat) (but I think she was trying to say "trick or treat").

6. Regarding their costumes: Asher was dying to be Mike Wazowski. He's all about Monster's Inc. this year. And when I found a Mike costume in his size hanging by itself at a consignment sale, I knew it had to be. Reed started hoping to be Sulley, but decided to be a red ninja instead. The red part was important. And, lo and behold, the very same consignment sale had a red ninja costume! It was a little big, but nothing my rotary cutter couldn't handle. The fabric didn't even need to be hemmed. Once Reed landed on his costume, he thought it would be really, really, fun for Lila to wear the ninja costume both he and Asher had worn around the same age. Apparently, Reed has trained a lot of baby ninjas and knew Lila would be perfect for his next ninja-in-training. She didn't care--and actually really, really loved the costume when we put it on--so we went with it!

7. The kids got multiple pieces of candy at the first few houses. When they only got one piece, Asher immediately reported the the injustice to me. I quickly explained that we were still lucky to get a treat and he definitely still needed to say thank you. Thereafter, at every house he'd tell me, "I just got one treat. But I said thank you anyway." If he received more than one treat he'd show each piece to me so I could see how lucky he was.

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