Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Monthly Reed: 71

One of Reed's MobiGo games (it's a handheld electronic game thing geared toward little kids) is a Planes game. At one point in the game, the narrator says, "all the racers' worst nightmare..." and Reed, after hearing this a few times, came up with a "joke": "I wonder if when they pick racers who have that nightmare."

Ryan and I were having a "discussion" of whether a scorpion I saw in the garage was really a scorpion. Ryan didn't believe that it was, but he also didn't know what it might have been. Reed interrupted, "Either know what it is or it's a scorpion." That's right, buddy.

We were driving one day and Reed said, "Hi self!" and started cracking up. Apparently he saw another white Tahoe, which is the car we drive, so it was like "seeing ourself." 

After General Conference on Saturday we took a drive out to Redrock. We talked about going to Blue Diamond, where we've seen wild burros before and Reed wondered aloud, "But maybe we wouldn't see any burros, because they're at Wild Burro Conference. Like they all go and there are talks and stuff." He and Asher spent the next fifteen minutes or so discussing the details and merits of Wild Burro Conference.

On laundry day Reed told me, "I'm kind of excited for you to do the laundry because I really love wearing khakis and all I have right now are blue or red!" I didn't realize his love for khakis ran so deep.

When we were searching for skeleton jammies and en route to Target, Reed said, "Well, if we got a coupon and a cartwheel {Target's coupon app} and it was half off, then it would be a really good deal!" True. Apparently he's picked up on my deal lingo.

One day Reed said, "This says 30,30,30...or d third d third d third. Get it? Haha"

Reed really loves legos and has gotten pretty proficient at building sets by himself. Asher got two small sets for his birthday and wanted to build them, but I was in the middle of making lunch and couldn't help him. Reed sweetly offered to help and the two boys worked together nicely and built the sets! Reed would show Ashie which piece they need to find, Ashie would locate the piece--or if he had trouble, Reed would help him locate the piece--then they'd take turns putting the piece on. Great teamwork.

Reed does not love having his picture taken, which I think is why there are so few pictures of him with this post! He won't turn around if I ask him to and won't smile if he's already facing me. Stinker.

Reed is doing great with reading! His teacher sent home a list of sight words to work on, which we practice every school day. We also do our daily Phonics Pathways lesson with Asher. The practice has really paid off because Reed is making huge strides in reading! He wanted to start reading books other than Bob Books and so we've tried a few. We read them together--so I read the words he doesn't know and he reads the words he does know or can sound out. Honestly, I was so surprised by how much of the books he's been able to read--he's definitely reading over half the words in each book, probably reading around seventy-five percent or so. His confidence is growing, too. Long vowels are his main holdup, but we're getting closer to the long vowel section in Phonics Pathways and I think once he starts to understand those he'll be reading everything! 

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