Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmastime is Here Part 2: Lego Nativities


The first day of December happened to be a Monday--which was perfect, because we had a great idea for an FHE Activity: drawing our own nativities! Of course, as soon as I mentioned my grand idea the boys started complaining because they were busily playing legos an did NOT want to stop. So I edited my idea and we decided to build lego nativities!

I originally planned on doing a team of Asher + me and Ryan + Reed (our standard), with me running interference on Lila. But in a surprise twist, the boys decided to work together and actually cooperated with each other and didn't fight (what?!). Ryan and I got to work together to build our own little nativity, and Lila Jae mostly tried to destroy anything anyone built until I built her an alternate structure to destroy.

I think our little nativities turned out super cute. I loved the boys' storm trooper wise men. And Asher's star (the gigantic yellow structure below the star-looking structure) was awesome. The boys' baby Jesus was originally just a minifigure, but a few days later they edited their baby Jesus by using a stack of three minifigure heads--two turned backward to be the blanket and one facing forward to be the face.

A few days after our activity, I put all my nativities on display on our piano. Asher saw my nativities and immediately said, "Mommy! I know! We should put our lego nativities up there, too!!!!!" So we did.

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