Sunday, December 28, 2014

Giving Thanks


Because we are planning on doing so much traveling over Christmas, we decided to host Thanksgiving at our house this year so we could stay home! This was our first time hosting and we had a great time. My mom, dad, and sister Mandi drove to Vegas to spend the holiday with us.

The day before they came, the boys and I decided to make place cards for everyone. Well, I decided to make place cards for everyone and talked the boys into helping. I found a template online and traced boat shapes onto paper. The boys did all the cutting, then I hot glued our little boats together. The boys worked together to make the masts and sails. Then, for quiet time, Ashie decided tomake everyone a little place card. Each note had the person's name, their initials, a heart, and "I love ____" (insert name of person). They were so cute!

When Ryan got home from work, he and I started cooking. We made applesauce, a pumpkin pie, an overnight breakfast casserole, and started our chocolate cheesecake. Then we set to work on dinner. My parents and Mandi soon arrived, so we stuck dinner in the oven and piled into the car to go geocaching!  At every stop I forgot to put Lila's jacket on. Mom fail. Eventually we were ready to eat, so we headed home for dinner. Post-dinner, Ryan and my dad went to a car lot in search of a car for Kayla.

Ashie had been pining to make oreo turkeys. Honestly, I don't even know where he got the idea. I sent the supplies to make the turkeys to his preschool party; but, since there are only three in our joy school group, we had quite a lot of extra supplies. So, the night before Thanksgiving while Ryan and Grandpa went to a car lot the rest of us made more turkeys! Lila did her best to consume as many treats as possible.

On the actual day of Thanksgiving, we had a superb breakfast of breakfast casserole and my most successful cinnamon rolls to date. Seriously, I kind of nailed it. Then we went to this awesome new park near us to get a lot of wiggles out and burn some calories before the feasting continued. The boys both brought their bikes and loved showing off for Grandma and Grandpa. We even ran into a few friends at the park!

When we got home, we put in a movie then got to business: time to cook! Here is what we cooked and ate for Thanksgiving: ham (because I'm a weirdo and don't care about the turkey tradition, mainly because turkey isn't great), stuffing (my dad's favorite Thanksgiving dish), applesauce (homemade and crazy good), sweet potato souffle, regular rolls, orange rolls (which were a little overdone but still good), cheesy potatoes, and homemade creamed corn. As you can imagine, we were all super full when dinner was over.

We spent more time playing, then let Reed open his birthday presents from Grandpa and Grandma. He got a lego advent calendar, which he was crazy excited about. We eventually let the kids have chocolate cheesecake (Asher) and pumpkin pie (Reed) (Lila had bites of both). When we put them to bed, we played way to many rounds of Tenzi, a game my mom brought, ate our own servings of dessert (that chocolate cheescake...daaaaaaang), and watched The Giver.
We hadn't planned to do any Black Friday shopping, but when 9 a.m. rolled around my mom mentioned how weird it felt staying home and how it was kind of sad not to be out shopping--so we went out shopping! Because most of the sales had gone live Thursday night, the stores were empty. And there were still a ton of Black Friday deals available! We had fun keeping the tradition alive.

All too soon it was time for our visitors to leave so Grandma could go to work. We had a great Thanksgiving!

(Lila's solo dance party)

(I don't even remember how this came to be.)

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