Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmastime is Here Part 1: Not Chopping Down a Tree


Last year, I had trouble finding a place in Vegas where we could cut our own tree down. But then I realized we'd be driving through Utah on Thanksgiving weekend and could cut down a tree then. So I didn't worry about looking any more.

This year, I realized Vegas was our only option. I researched my little heart out only to find that no, you can't chop a tree down anywhere in Vegas. In fact, the closest place you can cut a tree down is in Cedar City. Enter my sorrow about breaking a tradition. We toyed with the idea of having a fake tree, but it just didn't seem right (which is kind of hilarious because I never had a real tree as a child, due to a sister with allergies). So we did the next best thing: we made a visit to Star Nursery.
I must say, buying a real tree that has already been cut for you is much easier and faster than cutting down your own tree. And Star Nursery was amazing--there was someone waiting to help us when we got there and he trimmed the stump evenly (being kind enough to cut a disc for us to add to our collection), trimmed the bottom branches so the tree would fit in our tree stand, and put a huge bag around our tree to protect our car. Then he single-handedly tied the tree to our roof. We'll be going back to Star Nursery next year.

I don't know if this is the case in every household, but putting the star on the tree is kind of a big deal for us. Last year, the boys fought over the opportunity. This year, Ryan suggested we let Lila try and, much to my surprise, the boys were totally cool with that.

I was pretty sure Lila was going to have a hard time putting the star on the tree. When Reed was Lila's age, we actually had to have a few practice rounds with the star and a golf club. But Ryan simply showed her where the star went, gave her the star, picked her up, and...success!

Lila was quite proud of herself. And we were all quite impressed. We were planning on putting the rest of the ornaments on the tree that night, but we'd just gotten Star Wars, which had been on hold for us at the library, and the boys were dying to see it. So we left the room an explosion of Christmas decorations (I'm not even joking, it looked. Just looking at the room kind of made my eye twitch) and settled in to our movie.

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