Friday, December 12, 2014

The Monthly Asher: 49

An Asher quote: "Do you want to know the weirdest word? Either. It just has the weirdest letters." And this came completely out of the blue. 

One day I was getting some stuff ready for primary when Asher asked, "Who's in charge of the church? Kristy or not?" (Kristy is one of my counselors in the primary presidency."

Reed stayed home sick from school one day and in an effort to have Asher do something other than watch movies with Reed all day I pulled out some craft supplies and we got to work. First we made a handprint wreath that he was crazy proud of. He loved it so much we stuck a command hook on his door so he could hang it up. After the wreath we made a turkey.

There is always a lot of construction going on in our area and the boys love to watch the trucks in action. They are particularly excited when they see workers on the roof of a house. One day, after seeing workers on the roof, Asher said, "I want to be a construction worker when I grow up because then I can be on top of houses!"

We have kind of an awkward amount of time between dropping Reed off at kindergarten and dropping Asher off at preschool. We could go home for five minutes, or we could drive to preschool and hang out in the car for ten. One day we decided to drive around the preschool neighborhood and scout for lights so we knew where to come when we came out at night. One road we drove on was a dead end, so I had to do a three-point-turn to get out. As I turned, Asher said, "You're going to drive in the rocks! Then a police will get us and say you're going to be in jail for 20......50......100 days!"

Asher is really interested in policemen and often gives me a situation, then asks if the police would "get" the person for doing the thing he described. Usually the answer is no, along with a, "And policemen are good. They're our friends. If you're ever lost and find a policeman he will help you." (I'm a little worried he's going to be constantly afraid that policemen are going to 'get' him."

Asher drew a maze (the taped together papers) for me and wrapped it up!

I often hear my words coming out of Asher's mouth. One example that comes to mind is describing something as "rude." Sometimes the boys will ask why there's graffiti on a wall or garbage on the floor and I'll give a really awesome answer like, "they were just rude and didn't want to chose the right I guess." (Parenting 101.) Now Asher has started deciding people are rude on his own. For example, "Look at that garbage on the ground! I guess those people were just really rude!"

Randomly, Asher has started pulling his pants up high and yelling, "wedgie time" or "wedgie today."

Asher built a broom and a dustpan out of k'nex!

We completely dropped Asher's nap last month. I was trying to phase it out slowly, but every time he napped we had trouble at night. Anyway, he's been doing pretty well for the most part without his nap, but gets really tired at bedtime. If we're out at night he is almost guaranteed to say, "I am just really tired. I wish we could just go home and go to bed." And this is not even past bedtime--he starts saying this around 6 p.m., but only if we are out. One thing I do like about him not napping is that his missed nap translates into an opportunity to have daily Mommy and Ashie time, where before it was really hit and miss. After lunch, I put Lila down for her nap, then we do our reading lesson (Phonics Pathways), then I do Mommy and Ashie time while Reed does quite time, then I do Mommy and Buddy time while Asher does quiet time (these can switch, too), then the boys do quiet time together per their request while I have some alone time. 

Ashie is doing so well with his reading! He has started reading signs everywhere. So far, he really only knows short vowels so it's a lot of random sounding out but it's super encouraging! He also reads things like the CVS phonetically--"Hey mom, why does that sign say kuh vuh suh?! That's weird!"

 We decided to see if they could both fit in these pants. They could.

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