Friday, December 12, 2014

The Monthly Reed: 72 (6 years!!!)

First, time for a few stats:
Weight: 45 lbs, 13 oz. (50th percentile)
Height: 43.5 in. (15th percentile)

We went hiking on Reed's birthday and Lila responded, "No no" to us mentioned we were going to do something. Reed came back with, "Yes yes because it's bubbie's birthday and that's what he wants to do." Honestly, it was pretty funny coming from Reed because that is so not a Reed thing to say. 

Lila is a really good hugger and recently started wrapping her legs around me when she hugs. The boys caught on to this and now, when they give her a hug, they say, "Legs!" so she'll pick her legs up, wrap her legs around the boys, and they'll squeeze her while picking her up.

Asher accidentally broke an ornament, which I set on the counter so I could hot glue later. Reed found the ornament and, after examining it for a minute said, "If the hot glue gun can make it over here in pretty sure we can fix this ornament!" He was so excited.

Reed and Asher were in Lila's room and apparently Asher hit Reed in the face and gave Reed a bloody nose. Once we got the blood stopped and cleaned and Reed calmed down, he told me, "It was probably kind of my fault too. Because I wasn't really nice to Asher." I was really proud of him for telling me that. Later that day I noticed a huge blood stain on the comforter on the queen bed in Lila's room. The comforter is white. I hadn't noticed earlier because Reed came to me in the hallway and I was too busy cleaning him up. Anyway, I was really, really sad because I made the quilt and paid for quilting and really loved it. I explained to Reed that I wasn't mad at him at all, just sad about the stain. When I went to clean the blanket, Reed told me, "I'll do anything I can to help." He was so sincere and it was just so sweet. And, luckily, the stain came out.

We had candy cane kisses for cookies I was making for neighbor gifts. According to Reed, the wrappers had a code on them with a joke that you could see if you examined them closely. Each time he ate one, he'd try not to rip the wrapper at all so he could study it. One such joke was "What did the nut say to the nutcracker? Hey, will you crack me?!" (That was a Reed Hambly original.) Another joke was one he'd heard before and loved: "What goes up and never comes down? Your age!" Asher jumped on the code bandwagon and would repeat whatever joke Reed said, usually followed by, "Why do so many people love this joke?!" (not meaning the joke was bad, but that it was on a lot of wrappers.)

Reed's teacher suggested we go to the school library and check out pre-primer books for him to Reed. We went one day and picked a few books, then read them over the next week. I think Reed was really surprised when he could read about 90% of the words! He's used to books that aren't BOB books being a little hard for him or being too long--he can read them pretty well but he's tired of reading about halfway through. Anyway, he wanted to go back the next week, so we did. Then he wanted to go back the next week (yesterday), so we did again. It's become a little bit of a tradition that I hope we continue. He's doing so well and his reading fluency has really started improving a lot since we started reading these books. We're just starting long vowels in our phonics pathways book and I think it's going to open up reading so much for him!

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