Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mama Makes a Quilt {or 3}

My mom is a fantastic quilter and sewer. And, over the course of three babies, she's made me numerous beautiful quilts which we still use regularly. She also made me a slew of simple flannel receiving blankets in preparation for each baby, which have been sitting in a box for a while now. I've had an idea for all those receiving blankets in the back of my head since Asher was tiny; and now that we are seemingly out of the receiving blanket stage, I decided to put my plan into action.
{Lila, January 2013}
{Asher, October 2010}
{Reed, December 2008}
The first step of my plan involved cutting up all those wonderful receiving blankets. There is something so wrong about cutting apart blankets that were made for you by someone else and that you have used to swaddle your babies in--but I persevered and cut away.

Next, I sewed all the squares I had cut into rows. Then I sewed the rows into a quilt top. Then, because I was out of receiving blankets my mom had made, I used some of our simple Target flannel receiving blankets for the backing. My mom donated her gigantic box of scrap batting, which I pieced together. Finally, I sewed it all together. Then, Ryan and I spent three nights (the last three nights we were in town before Christmas--I was cutting it a little close) tying my quilts.

The kids knew I was working on a secret project mostly because, come December 1 when all I had accomplished was cutting all the squares, I knew I'd never finish if I only worked on the project after they were sleeping. There were quite a few days when I'd hole up in the office/drum room/sewing room, ask them not to come in so they didn't ruin the surprise, and sew my little heart out. And, bless their obedient hearts, they didn't peak once.

I let them open their blankets on Christmas Eve because, well, who cares about quilts when you have a pile of new toys on Christmas? I was worried they were going to be disappointed and think the quilts were lame. In fact, I was totally prepared for that outcome. So you can guess how my heart melted when they were super pumped and loved their blankets. I had printed a picture of each of them using the blankets as a baby, which they thought was pretty cool.

And, wonder of wonders, Reed has even been using his in bed every night. (Asher is a little hot rock and his makes him too sweaty. Lila's would take over her crib.) I'm a sucker for sentimental gifts and I hope they will long love this gift as much as I do.

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