Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Girl and Her Bed

There has been no driving need or outside factors driving us to move Lila into a big bed. She wasn't climbing out of her bed, like Asher was. She didn't need to vacate for a new sibling, like Reed did. I wasn't even planning on moving her out of her bed. Then Ryan built Lila's dress-up center, and we were talking about where we were going to put it. I casually mentioned that once she moved into her bed and we moved her crib and changing table out or her room, we'd have plenty of space for the dress-up area. The next thing I knew, we were deciding to move Lila into her bed. The next day. (1/26/15)

"Helping" Daddy take down the crib.
 Lila's room has always housed a queen-sized bed for visitors; so, instead of buying another twin bed and being out of space for the queen-sized bed, we moved her right into the queen. She looks SO little in her big giant bed. One morning she was in the very top corner, the room was dark, and I literally couldn't find her for a minute.

How tiny does she look??
I was quite wary about moving Lila to the big bed and honestly wasn't really sure she was ready. I was sure that she would climb out every night and nap time and that we'd have a week of what would essentially be sleep training. When she stayed in her bed the first night, I was totally shocked and sure it was a fluke. I knew that nap time would be the true test of if she'd stay in her bed. Nap time rolled around the next day and, wonder of wonders, she stayed in! She even took a fantastic 2.5 hour nap, which is not her norm. She's now been sleeping in her bed for a week and a half and has had zero issues--other than falling out once. Oops. We found her asleep on the floor one night, but thankfully had stacked pillows and blankets there for such an occasion. She didn't cry and stayed asleep  so it must not have bothered her too much!

Lila LOVES her big girl bed, so much. She's always happy to get in it, especially once we got her a stool so she could climb in by herself! I think she really enjoys having a bed big enough that Ryan or I (or all of us!) can actually cuddle with her for a few minutes at the end of our bed time routine (I love that, too). She's getting too big!

(As it turns out, the boys love Lila's big girl bed, too)


Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

Holy Hannah she's so grown up! She does look itty bitty in that bed though. Three cheers for her being awesome at staying in her bed, that makes life so much easier.

Mandi Rolfe said...

You guys have way too much fun at your house! That picture of her and her baby doll in the bed is killing me. She is so cute!!!