Friday, February 6, 2015

Lila Turns TWO!

Though I'm still in shock that my baby is TWO years old, I figured I'd better take a break from my wonder and document her second birthday before her third. So here we go...

Ryan and I have a history of being bad with dates. 

Exhibit A: we planned to go on a cruise for a five-year anniversary. We planned to cruise in April. A cruise departing April 20 was way cheaper than any weekend, so we booked it. And why was it cheaper? Because April 20 was EASTER! We missed Asher's first Easter. We did celebrate a week early and they got to celebrate again with Grandma, but still.

Exhibit B: there is the one year when we missed Asher's birthday. Well, "missed" isn't really being fair. Because, in BOTH our minds, Asher's birthday was the 19th. Ryan's mom even questioned us, but we were SO positive Asher was born on the 19th. As it turns out, he was born on the 18th. Sorry, Asher. We did have a wonderful party on the 19th and it's not like we forgot his birthday completely, but still.

Exhibit C: Lila's birthday is January 21. Ryan and I booked a trip to Portland that departed January 21. On purpose. We celebrated a day early and she got to have Grandma watch her for three days (which is kind of a birthday present in itself), but still.

So there's my confession. We celebrated our doll's birthday on the day that was not actually the anniversary of our birth. I don't think she minded, though:

We started the day by making cupcakes. I let Lila stir AND crack eggs, so she was in heaven.
Then we turned the cupcakes into Minnie Mouse cupcakes and she was in double heaven, if that's a thing.

We babysat a friend while his mom was at the doctor's office and got to go on a walk, which Lila is always a fan of. And, when Lila wanted to wear chiller pants coupled with a dress, I went for it.

Disney movie rewards had sent us an envelope full of Mickey and friends stickers, which Lila basically died over--especially when I gave her free reign on the stickers and she got to put them all over her dress. Later, she transferred the stickers to my shirt, which made her equally happy. The boys were completely sure that Disney KNEW it was Lila's birthday and sent the stickers on purpose, especially since  a few of the stickers actually said, "Happy Birthday."

 After a dinner of Lila's favorites (chicken fingers and french fries with a healthy dose of ketchup), Ryan unveiled the project he'd constructed for Lila's birthday: a dress up station! The dress up station turned out ridiculously cute and Lila loves it so much!

Lila then set to work on her other presents--after donning a pair of dress up shoes. Also, I wrapped her presents in Minnie Mouse paper so I'm pretty sure I got extra points for that move.

Lila was super pumped on the Bitty Baby Grandma and Grandpa H sent. I was, too--the baby is so dang cute!

And enjoyed/kind of destroyed the popsicle stick creations the boys made for her,

and even loved on the purse and hat I made for her.

Then it was time for the charm! Last year's charm was a dolly, because Lila has been known as Dolly since basically day one. This year's charm was a block of cheese. Ryan chose cheese for a few reasons: first, cheese was one of Lila's very first words beside mama and dada; second, because cheese and cottage cheese are her favorite foods--she's kind of obsessed with them; and third, because Lila adores having her picture taken and will request photos by yelling out, "DEEEEEEES!" (cheeeese!).

Finally, we got to devour cake! Lila did a great job blowing out her candle, then dug right in and ate her whole cupcake.

 We love our doll!

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Mandi Rolfe said...

I have so much to say, but I'll sum it up like this: I love her. Dolly is a very fitting term of that girl. And I will never get over her cuteness. Happy Birthday doll face!