Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Monthly Asher: 49-50

One day Asher told me, "Mom, I didn't hear you. All I heard was you go 'blah blah blah blah blah.'" How do you even respond to that?!

After watching a movie, Asher told us, "That movie was so long I feel sticky right here!" (pointing to his armpits). Then he asked if I wanted to feel his stickiness. I took a rain check.

Asher has been really, really nervous to have a new primary teacher this year. We were out of town a few times this month, he was sick once, and the first Sunday he was there his teacher was gone and Ryan was subbing. And, even though Ryan was Asher's teacher (and Asher loves having Ryan as his teacher), Asher spent literally all of sharing time crying on the back row on Ryan's lap. Then, when he wouldn't calm down, he spent his class time in Sr. sharing time with me, sitting behind the podium while I taught. Last week he was nervous to go again, claiming a tummy ache during sacrament meeting. We talked him into it, though, and he actually went! He had a sub again but he did great. I'm proud of him for being brave enough to go!

On Christmas Eve I told the boys we needed to get to sleep so Santa could come. Asher responded, "Yeah cause you know what they say! He knows when you're awake!"

On Christmas morning Asher was going through his stocking, then emerged from the treats and toys to say, "Did you see these two dope pencils?!" They were Christmasy and quite dope.

When we were playing in the snow, Asher said, "I know how they make snow so cold! They put ice in it!"

Asher got a few different craft sets for Christmas. He has loved having projects of his own and, after doing a few with me, realized he could do some on his own, which he was really happy about. He is super impressed with the projects he makes and always quite excited to show them off. One of the projects involved cutting a circular shape, which had bee tricky for Asher in the past. He cut out the circle really well, then told me, "Now I'm a circle-inator!"

 (How mean is it to post a crying picture?) Asher is a very emotional child and I've often told people that Asher is either super pumped (see the top picture of the post) or super pissed (see the picture immediately above). And it's true; his emotions really do swing a lot. I find myself enjoying the super pumped times more; but, pissed or pumped, I love my Ashie bee.

We do joy school with two other little boys Asher's age. He loves his buddy school and is always especially pumped when school is at our house. I've noticed the last two times we've had school at our house that instead of rushing through the worksheet portion of school, like he had in the past, Asher was really taking his time. He was coloring in the lines, cutting straight, really focusing when he wrote his letters. And, as a result, his handwriting, cutting, and coloring skills are much improved! It's really impressive to me to see how far he's come this school year.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Man is he funny!! The "blah blah blah" kills me...