Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Monthly Asher: 51

Kayla and Asher were racing and Kayla told Asher he was a fast runner. He said, "Yeah, it's because I have a rocket bike. It's not like a real rocket but it makes me run fast."  

As Asher has gotten better at writing and drawing, he's also gotten more critical of his work. If he goes outside the lines or if something doesn't look how he was expecting it would, he gets really, really upset. Like crying upset. I'm trying to be encouraging (and I don't think I've ever been critical of his work!), but it takes a lot of encouragement for him to believe me and accept that he's done a good job and that it doesn't have to be perfect--that we get better every time. He has also become very precise. He was folding two sides of a piece of notebook paper and had me fold it for him so the lines could line up perfectly. Then, when he noticed that one side had an extra line, he found a blue pen and had me draw a line on the other side!

This quote is actually from last year, but I just found it in my phone and I don't think it ever got posted: Reed wanted to cuddle, but Asher didn't want to. Asher kept saying, "But I can FEEL him in my BED!"

Reed got a Batman Wii game for Christmas and has loved playing it on occasion. The game is a little too hard for Asher, but he LOVES to just sit and watch Reed and Ryan play, shouting out instructions for them to follow (back seat wii-ing, if you will). He is a really good sport about it and doesn't complain at all! And, when I have offered to play something else with him, he tells me he'd rather just watch them!

One morning, Reed wanted to read his chapter book while I made breakfast. Asher said, "Mom, can I watch Bub read?" And he really meant watch, because Reed wasn't planning on reading aloud. I suggested he read one of his BOB books. His eyes lit up and he yelled, "OH YEAH!" I was around the corner in the kitchen, so he yelled, "DONE!" to me each time he finished a book. He was so proud of himself.

Speaking of Bob books...for three mornings in a row Asher woke up before both Reed and Lila. We decided to read books together while we waited for the others to wake up. Asher wanted to start our boxed set of BOBs--it's the sight word set, so a little harder than the originals. He read 3-4 books to me each morning and was so super proud of himself for reading so well (I was pretty proud, too). Each time we read he'd give me the running commentary on what book he was on and how many he had to go and, when he read all 20--well, he was about to explode. He was so happy. I was, too!

One day for Mommy and Ashie time, Asher wanted to make a Star Wars book. We found cute Star Wars clip art, then got to work! He came up with all the words himself and it is a pretty fantastic book.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Oh how I love that cute AshieB kid!! :)