Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Monthly Lila: 23-24 months (2 YEARS!)

Lila's 2-year-old stats:
Weight:27 lbs., 6 oz. (55th-60th percentile)
Height: 32.5 in. (20th-25th percentile)
Head: 19.5 in. (90th-95th percentile)

When we returned from our marathon travels over the holidays, we had to spend the majority of a day (and then some) unpacking, putting decorations away, cleaning, and all that jazz. At one point we realized we had no idea where Lila was. We found her in the garage, where she'd climbed into her hiking carrier all by herself and was playing with her new Minnie camera. She was totally content (thought I suspect that would have changed when she wanted to get out of her carrier and couldn't. We got her out to show us how she climbed in--I'm not going to lie, it was pretty impressive. The one quite scary part of the situation was that the garage was open. So had she been of a mind to wander, she could have wandered where ever she pleased. We closed the garage.

Lila really likes to be like the boys and tries to get all the places they get to. Sometimes, I am so positive that she won't be able to climb somewhere or figure something out, then I look over and she's already done whatever I was doubting her abilities on. One such example is the boys' favorite hiding place. There's a gap between our end table and the wall and they love to climb down there, then pop up and say "Boo!" Lila decided she needed to do that, too. She climbed down by herself, told me boo, then really shocked me when she figured out how to get back out of the space by herself. She's crazy.

And, speaking of climbing, have I mentioned how brave Lila is and how ridiculously good she is at climbing? I think she makes other moms nervous when we're at the park. Seriously. Because while they're holding their toddlers on their laps and sliding down together or chasing their toddlers away from even the small ladders, Lila is climbing the biggest ladders at the park with no trepidation. She usually sneaks over to whatever ladder she pleases when I'm watching one of the boys' tricks, starts climbing, then smirks at me when I notice her and ask her to wait. I make my way over to her to spot her--because though she rarely needs help, she sometimes gets in a tight spot or slips and thank goodness I'm there--then let her finish climbing. Then she slides down by herself, usually sitting on her bottom--gone are the days of sliding down on her belly. For a while I tried to steer her to the smaller ladders, until I decided that if she's going to constantly want to be climbing anyway I might as well let her practice while I'm watching and on guard so in case she ever climbs without me somehow noticing, she'll know what to do.

Lila discovered the color purple right before Christmas and is now obsessed with the color purple. Her obsession started when she learned the word "purple." She quickly identified exactly what purple is, then decided she loves it. She has one pair of purple pants that she would wear every day if I let her. And, if I ever send her for a bow, she's sure to come back with one of her three purple bows. Her love has even carried over into flatware and cutlery. At lunch, she uses a stool to climb onto the counter while saying, "puh-poh pay" (purple plate) then heads in search of a "puh-poh boo" (purple spoon). In the last two weeks or so, she's also started identifying other colors. The colors she's best at are purple, brown, pink, and yellow. The others she's hit and miss on. Purple is still her favorite.

Lila really enjoys building blocks and is always so impressed with her building skills. Each time she adds a new block to the top of her tower, she does this funny squeal/giggle/shriek of such pure happiness. Unfortunately, her happiness is also quite loud and even got us kicked out of the library once (no joke).

Lila still struggles with speech. She has added a ton of words to her vocabulary and has recently started hooking two (and very occasionally three) words together into a cohesive thought. She has a hard time with ending sounds though as well as any word with the sound "kuh" or "ssss." I've been working a lot with her, doing a lot of encouraging to just attempt more and to use her words more often instead of just allowing her to point or motion for what she wants. And she is talking a lot more, but we've got a ways to go!

In addition to climbing at the park, Lila also likes to climb onto the piano bench or coffee table, then do a dance.

Lila has a very strong opinion about what she wears. It's becoming harder for me to talk her into wearing what I want her to wear as opposed to what she thinks she needs to wear. I usually appease her by allowing her to either pick her shirt or her pants, then basing the rest of the outfit around what she chooses. I always let her choose her socks (she wants to wear monkey socks every day but only has two pairs) and I usually try to encourage her to wear something other than her pink tennis shoes, which she's infatuated with.