Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Monthly Lila: 25

One thing Lila likes to do lately is to pick up something she deems heavy, then carry it over to me and tell me, "Lila strong!"

One night we were praying and I looked over at her to see that she was helping her baby doll fold her little baby doll arms. It was so cute.

We have been focusing a lot on Lila's speech for the past few weeks. We are really trying to encourage her to use her words and to join words together. We are also focusing on ending sounds, as ending sounds are rather tricky for her. I've also noticed that she can't really say the "ck" sound. Anyway, we have seen a lot of improvement over the past few weeks in both clarity and complexity. She puts two words together almost always and has started putting three and four words together, too. They are still usually connected thoughts but out of order, like "cereal purple spoon," but are starting to work together better, too, like "check bike out." 

Lila is obsessed with pockets "paw paw." One day she noticed she had pockets in her pants and since then she hasn't been able to keep her hands out of her pockets. She LOVES them.

Lila has always called horses "moos" and will tell you they say "moo," no matter how many times I tell her otherwise. 

The boys have caught on to the speech thing and are trying to help her, too. In the car one day Asher was trying to teach Lila to say "Reed." She kept saying "Ree." So he tried teaching her, "Ree-duh." Surprisingly, she caught on right away--to Ree-duh, haha. Then she started saying "Ree-Ree-duh!" because she often calls Reed Ree-Ree. It was really cute. Another word the boys taught her was "Ashie" and occasionally "Asher." Lila has always called Asher "doo doo" for Goo Goo. The boys taught her to say Aa-dee and Aa-der. She still usually calls him doo-doo but will call him Aa-dee or Aa-der if we remind her.

Lila loves reading books. We make sure to read before every nap and bedtime, because sometimes the day just gets away from us and there is not another chance! Lately, Reed has been reading to her at nap time, which she LOVES. Her current favorite book is Sam Loves Kisses. She also likes Moo, Baa, La La La. She knows both those so well she can help me finish the page! Her other favorites are our Winnie-the-Pooh set. They are simple books--ABCs, Colors, Numbers--but she loves them because they have Poohie.

Lila has started to have a very strong opinion about what she wears. Some days she's okay with what I chose, but most days she wants to be involved in the process. And she always wants to choose her bow--not that she'll leave a bow in! If I ask her to get a ponytail, she'll run and grab the ponytails, the comb, and the spray bottle full of water. She likes to choose how many ponytails go in and what color the ponytails are and MUST have a turn combing. 

If anyone in the house puts on a jacket (dah-de), socks (tocks), or shoes (dues), Lila MUST put some on, too.

Lila loves to ride bikes. If we enter the garage, she immediately tells me, "puh-poh bye!" (purple bike) and heads off toward it. She isn't pleased if we aren't actually riding bikes.

Lila loves brushing her teeth--but only if she's the one doing the brushing. We strike a deal--that we have to recommunicate every time--that if she lets me have a turn, she can have a turn. She calls her toothbrush her "pink teeth" because it's pink and she uses it for her teeth!

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Oh man is she cute!! The Reed-Reed-duh story had me laughing out loud. That is so stinking cute!!!