Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Monthly Reed: 73-74

During our Christmas vacation, we were driving around looking at lights. We ended up talking about books we'd read and what we liked about them when Reed asked, quite incredulously, "How did this nighttime reading conversation start?!"

Reed can read! He's been able to read BOB books for a while now (short vowel only), but something clicked into place and he can suddenly read everything. I love that we'll be driving along and he'll see a sign and say, "Why does that say..." then read the sign. He can read his pre-primer books fluidly now (short vowel and long vowel) and is just doing so well! Honestly, hearing him read is one of my most gratifying experiences to date as a mother.

One of the kids in Reed's class gave everyone a goodie bag before they left for Christmas break. There was a small star-shaped slinky inside that he immediately fell in love with. On Christmas morning, he was beyond excited to find a bigger slinky in his stocking. His response: "Look, I got a legit size slinky!!" 

Asher was telling us something Reed had done that Reed shouldn't have. Reed got really upset and said, "That's not true! He's just trying to get me in trouble!" I was surprised because Reed hasn't ever said anything like this before. We've had many talks since then with both boys about lying, because both of them have a tendency to tell a fib here or there.

Reed: "Japanese is something that comes from Mexico, right?"

Reed has lost the majority of his little trademark phrases that were so funny when he was little. He pronounces words correctly and uses them correctly. But. There is still one word that he always says in his Reed was and I never correct him because he's always done it and I kind of don't want to see it go! I gues you could say I'm clinging to his childhood. Anyway, he always says "enable" instead of "able."

Reed and Asher were playing police on their bikes. Asher didn't want to play if Reed was chief of police. Reed thought of a way around that stipulation, "Okay I'm not chief of police. I'm his assistant. But he's not here today so he left me in charge." 

We were being a sandwich--Reed and I were bread, Ashie was jam, and Lila peanut butter. Reed said, "Ashie if you're the jam why aren't you singing??"

Reed really, really wanted to buy this board book copy of Hop on Pop because he could read all the words. We didn't end up buying the book--but instead took pictures of every page. We then typed up the words. Next, Reed and I illustrated the book. I mentioned that he was good at drawing Dr. Seuss-style hair. He responded, "Yeah, I am." Then he tooted and, without missing a beat, said, "and at tooting." 

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