Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Keeping Saturday Special

Lately, I've been feeling like I really do need to do a better job of keeping my little blog updated. I finally finished, ordered, and received my first blog book, ever. It's from 2012 and is over 100 pages and I am kind of madly in love with it. Seriously. I love reading it and I love that I have it and I am so super impressed by how well I documented that year. I'm hoping to start posting here at least weekly to share some of the parts of our life that I want to remember.

I'll start with the past two Saturdays. I'm not sure that I've described what a typical week during busy season looks like for us, so I'm going to take the opportunity to do so right now. During busy season, Ryan works around 80 hours a week, plus or minus a few depending on the week. These kinds of hours translate into him leaving before the kids wake up (or, if he is home when they wake up, it's only for 10-15 minutes) and arriving home after they've gone to bed, often after I've gone to bed. On Saturdays, he goes in *quite* early, and usually makes it home either by early afternoon or at least in time for dinner and bed. And on Sundays, glorious Sundays, he doesn't work at all. We try our hardest to make the most we can out of those precious hours on Saturday and Sunday that we see Ryan, and, even though he is generally exhausted, he spends his only hours home during the week with the kids and I. I am getting a little bit teary just thinking about how awesome he is and how grateful I am that he truly wants and strives to have meaningful interactions and time with each of our kids and with me.

Anyway, the weekdays all end up being a little bit of a blur. But the weekends are special. During our most recent weekend, the kids and I started the day with an awesome tour de yard sales. Mountain's Edge, a neighboring gigantic community, was having it's annually (bi-annually?) community yard sale day--the one day the HOA allows anyone to do a yard sale. As you can imagine, there are yard sales EVERYWHERE. The boys had their own money saved up and I told them they could spend it how they pleased, though I did reserve veto rights. At our first stop, they were pumped to find imaginext figures new in the package for 25 cents each! Score! They each chose one. We let Lila get one, too, because you know girlfriend couldn't be left out. At the next stop, Reed found a lego picture book that was at his reading level--again for one quarter. At the next stop, the proprietor felt badly that she didn't have any kid stuff, so she gave them a nerf football for free as well as the odds and ends extra pieces of two lego sets (she thought they were full sets and was going to give them those; but, alas, there were only a few pieces in the box. The boys were still pumped.) They had quite the hall. Next, we went to what turned into my yard sale mecca: the multi family yard sale at the LDS church. I got Lila so many clothes in fantastic shape for only 50 cents a piece. 50 cents! I walked out with a bulging bag.

Yard Sale Swag!
I thought the kids were going to be bored, but as we drove away from the yard sales Reed told me, "Mommy, we are just like having the BEST morning." I agreed. They had all been in great moods and no fighting had yet ensued. Victory.

After a quick pit stop at home for a snack, we headed to Home Depot for the kids' workshop. The last time I attempted a workshop without Ryan, Lila was small enough to not really care about building and to be content eating a snack in her stroller. But, since she'd built her first project just one month before this trip, I knew she wouldn't be okay with not participating. I got everyone situated with paint, brushes, and projects. Then I looked at Lila to see her take a swipe of paint with her finger, then lick her finger. Her tongue was bright yellow. This was not awesome. I grabbed the wipes out of my purse and started washing out her mouth. She started crying, then started rubbing her eyes. As luck would have it, she had paint on her hands and rubbed said paint all over her eyes. Asher chose this moment to ask me for more paint and I may or may not have lost my cool for a minute (sorry, Asher). I got all the paint removed from Lila's person--mentally patting myself on the back for putting her in a full-coverage ikea shirt bib thing--refilled Asher's paint, and confiscated Lila's paint brush. I gave her a snack while I painted her project, then all of us built our projects together. Reed was pretty pumped to realize he could read the instructions and carefully read each step to us.

Sasha, who coordinates the workshops at our Home Depot is ridiculously cute and always has a photo section set up. And she remembers all the kids' names.

After the workshop, we went home, had a snack, and at least one of us was so excited for nap and quiet time. (Side note: in the car, Reed said, "Raise your hand if you've had a GREAT morning!" All hands were raised.) Ryan limped through the door (not really, but he was SUPER tired) around 4 and we headed to the park! Luckily, the kids' bikes were in the back of the car so we got to ride around the park, which is one of their favorite things to do. The park we went to has a big grassy hill and Ryan talked Reed into riding down the hill. Reed was in heaven and did it again and again. Asher was not in heaven but let me walk his bike (with him on it) down the hill. He allowed me to let go for the last few feet and hated it. Lila LOVED going down. And kept saying, "More slow!" so someone would pull her down. (I told her she needed to go slowly and carefully.) I will say that Asher surprised me by going down the smaller side of the hill on our way down all by himself, without any coaxing.

We headed for the climbing chips next. The climbing chips are kind of hard to describe, but they basically are platforms the kind of overlap each other that you can climb up. The platforms look like pringles chips. They are surrounded by a thick mesh netting so you can't fall. The boys were climbing the chips when tragedy struck. Asher climbed directly into poop. He stumbled to us, crying, he leg just covered in nastiness. The poop incident was the grossest thing that has ever happened to me, and it didn't even really happen to me. I was the one who had the joy of scrubbing the muck off his leg with many, many wet wipes.

Once he was as clean as could be, given the circumstances, we all climbed in the car to go get dinner. Once we were in the car, we quickly realized that thought the poop was apparently all off Asher's person, the smell was not. And it was too chilly to open the windows. We went to a new (to us) restaurant, only to realize that they didn't really have kid-friendly food. We tried Church's Chicken--and found out their machine was down and they could only take cash. Finally, we made our way to Raising Cane's. Luckily, Asher only smelled in close quarters. We got our chicken and were glad Church's had been a no go because, oh my goodness was the Raising Cane's chicken tasty! After dinner, we went home to give the kids a quick, unplanned bath (poop will do that to you), then it was off to bed for them!

On Sunday, we attended church, where Ryan did not have to sub in primary for the first time in months. He did spend part of Sunday School rounding up a TV for me, but I don't think he minded :) Sunday afternoon, we watched Big Hero 6 and ate a "fun little dinner"--our new favorite, Our Best Bites Pizza Rolls. (A "fun little dinner" is anything non-messy enough that we let the kids eat it on a blanket while we watch a movie. Keeping it classy, you know?) The sister missionaries came for dessert. One of our sisters, Sister Harrell, is going home in just two weeks. She has served in our area for 9 months and she and her companion, Sister Roper, are our favorite missionaries to date. We had a great time talking with them, as always. After they left, it was to bed for the kiddos and to the couch for Ryan and I to watch Mockingjay Part 1. Amazingly, we both stayed awake for the entire movie. I was impressed. We staggered upstairs post-movie and fell asleep to Jimmy Fallon.

And, since this post has turned into a monster, I think I'll document the previous weekend in a post to follow soon (hopefully)...

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