Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Reed Reads Books

During the month of January, Reed's reading fluency went through the roof. Something clicked in and he just understood how to read. All our work in the Phonics Pathways books with blends and diagraphs and all the sight word practice finally paid off! We make a weekly trip to his school library to pick out pre-primer books for him to check out and read. Pre-primers are books that have the simple CVC short vowel words but that also have sight words and long vowel words. I got to watch Reed go from doing okay with the pre-primers to reading them with ease!

On 2/9/15, Reed asked me if we had any chapter books he could read. Honestly, I was a little worried he was jumping ahead too quickly. I didn't want him to struggle through a book and get a bad taste for reading. But he was really, really excited about trying a chapter book, so we decided to go for it. I found our easiest chapter book, Magic Bone by Nancy Krulik, and planned to have him start reading it aloud to me. But while I was cooking dinner or doing some other chore, he picked up the book and started reading it silently to himself. At first, I was worried that he was probably skim the pages or not really understand the story when he was working to know the words. But I had him read a little aloud and he did a great job. Then, on his own, when he came to the end of a chapter he'd summarize it for me! He'd also stop frequently throughout the book to read a funny part to me. He read in every free minute--including during car rides and while walking from the car to the house. He finished his first chapter book in just two days, on 2/11/15!

 After Reed finished his first chapter book, we made our regular trip to his school library where the librarian, Mrs. Lytle (whom we love), showed him shelves of easy reader chapter books and summarized at least ten different series so he'd know what to pick. He started in on the Bones series--easy chapter books about a boy detective. So far we've read three, and he's halfway through Magic Bone #2.

When Reed finished Magic Bone, he wanted me to read it, too, so we could talk about it. I read it in a night and we did indeed discuss it. After his first Bones book he again requested I read it and I again happily complied. Lately, we've been reading together during Mommy and Buddy time--he reads a page, I read a page, he reads a page, etc. I love sharing reading with and love that he wants to read with me!

During Nevada reading week, Reed brought home a list of reading challenges. One challenge was to read in the tub without water. He and I piled blankets in and spent a mommy and buddy time reading in the tub! Another challenge was to read by flashlight. We built a fort, then I read to Reed and Asher while they took turns holding the light.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

I love that he has just taken off with reading! It makes me happy. :) And I love the bathtub pictures. So fun!!