Friday, March 20, 2015

The Monthly Asher: 52

Asher has gotten really great at saying prayers on his own. He'll still occasionally pause and say nothing until I give him an idea, but for the most part he comes up with his own blessings and thankfuls. We always pray for the missionaries, and when Reed prays, he says, "please bless the missionaries, including Sister Harrell and Roper." Asher took the last half "including Sister Harrell and Roper" but never includes the first part--so he ends up saying things like, "Please bless us to have a good night sleep, including Sister Harrell and Sister Roper." (I do think they'd appreciate a good night's sleep, too, though!) He likes to pray for Daddy during busy season, and always points that out to me after his prayers. Usually he asks to help Daddy drive home safely, but a few nights ago was, "Please bless Daddy to get his busy season done."

One day I started singing "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" from Frozen. Asher joined in. Me: Do you want to build a snowman? Asher: Or toot a bunch in the hall!"

I was cooking bacon for dinner and realized that apparently Asher has never seen (or at least never paid attention to) raw bacon--because he watched me put the raw bacon into the pan and, when I pulled out cooked bacon later he said, "Oh so that's what bacon cooks into!! Real bacon!"

Asher used to get really scared at night time, which was when we started teaching him to say his own prayers. We'd have a special prayer at bed time, asking to help Ashie not be scared and to be able to fall asleep without worrying too much. Then we'd remind him what to do if he was scared: first, try to pray, next, come to mom. This method was actually really helpful and, eventually, he stopped being worried or nervous enough at night to mention it. A few weeks ago, he started being scared at bedtime again. I remembered a story we had read just a few days before that told the story of a little boy who was scared in the night, then noticed the picture of Jesus on his night stand. The picture helped him feel comforted and not scared. I grabbed a picture of Jesus out of my primary bag and let Ashie take the picture to bed with him. After a few days, the picture was quite wrinkled, so we let Asher choose out his own frame from the dollar store and put a non-wrinkled Jesus picture inside. The picture has helped him SO much. He checks for it every night and places it right next to him on the bed when he lays down. Today he found a little pass along card with Jesus on it and put the pass along card with his monkey in bed so monkey could have a Jesus picture, too!

Asher loves to get Lila after her naps, so I pretty much always have him go get her. Lately, she's started yelling for Asher instead of me when she wakes up! She has also been super groggy after her naps, and just wants to lay in bed for a little bit--with someone--then get up. Asher has been the one laying with her, which is super cute. When she's ready to get up, he either helps her make her bed (and later she tells me Doo doo Lila make! (Goo goo (Ashie) and Lila made the bed) or helps her gather the stuffed animals/blankets she wants to bring, then carries them for her. He's so sweet to her. Most of the time.

Speaking of Lila and Asher--a few weeks ago I was stuck on a phone call with the doctor's office and it was getting to be late for getting Lila down for a nap. I asked Reed to go read Lila a book to save myself a step when I finally got off the phone. A tradition was born and at naps, I'd read a book, then Reed would read a book. Asher wanted in on the action. He worked hard to get comfortable with Lila's favorite book (Sam Loves Kisses) and now reads it to her every day at nap time!

After we take Reed to school, I generally spend 30 minutes to an hour cleaning, then Asher, Lila, and I play together. For the past few weeks, Asher has started occupying himself by playing legos by himself in his room. He disappears upstairs as soon as we get home, then goes to work! He's been building cooler and cooler creations each day and really enjoys his lego time. The funny thing is that he doesn't complain at all about this play time but, later when he does quiet time, he can never think of anything to do and every suggestion I make is unacceptable because playing on his own is, you know, impossible.

Asher is becoming a total perfectionist, and while there are some benefits to this, his perfectionism also leads to him being super hard on himself. I've really been trying to reinforce the idea that the important thing is that he tries his best. And, if he's having a hard time, taking his time on something will help him to learn how to do it better and to be less frustrated. All the time now, he'll tell me things like, "I kind of went out of the lines a little bit. But it's okay because I'm doing my best." Or if I comment that he did a nice job, he'll say, "Yeah, that's because I takeded my time!"

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Mandi Rolfe said...

What a cutie! That's adorable that he reads Lila's favorite book to her. Love him. :)