Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Monthly Reed: 75

Today I found out that Reed calls Lego guys without heads "no namers" because they can't tell you their names. Good point. 

One day, Lila was throwing balls when she shouldn't have been. Reed was retrieving them. After a while, he got tired of getting the balls for Lila--so the next time she threw one he said, "Game over, Lila." 

Reed's front two teeth were wiggly forever. Seriously, at least a month. He doesn't like wiggling them or bumping them at all when they're wiggly, so they just hang out for the longest time. Anyway, one of the front teeth finally fell out, which was super exciting. But the other tooth just wouldn't let go! Reed calls roots "guts" (I think he thinks they're really called that) and he told me that his tooth must just have a super strong gut holding it in--which it really must have, because one full top side of the tooth was literally disconnected and we were just waiting for the other side to come out. Reed commented, "I wish I could just talk to this guy and tell it who's boss!" (referring to the gut). Ryan and I were pretty sure that his tooth was going to fall out and get swallowed in the night, so we were trying to sell Reed on letting Ryan pull it out. Finally, Ryan came up with the winning argument: Ryan would match whatever the tooth fairy brought. Reed was (not) brave at all and almost wimped out, but then he went through with it. The tooth pulling incident was quite traumatic for Reed but at least the dang tooth was finally out! And we could even see a bit of the gut (I think) hanging down. The fairy brought Reed $2, so he ended up with $4. Not too bad for one stubborn tooth!

Another tooth story: the first front tooth that fell out happened to fall out during a dance party in the living room. Reed didn't even notice, but I did when he came over to tell me something. We looked for the tooth, but couldn't find it. Reed and I drafted a letter to the tooth fairy explaining the dilemma--but then, when he was playing later, he totally found it! True story. 

Reed's school did a color run for a fundraiser. Reed was on track break during the fundraiser, but the kids on track break were invited to come participate in the run, even though they weren't in school. Reed didn't want to do the run because he didn't want anyone to throw powder at him. He did really, really, want to go watch. So we did! I thought they would get bored but they had a great time watching kids run by and get blasted with powder. One lap toward the end was a parent and child lap that was color free. We decided to run that lap and had a great time!

We were on a walk one day and Reed kept finding and chucking pine cones. I asked him what he was doing and he told me, "I'm in a break pine cones club."

Reed has gotten much more daring at the park and does all kinds of tricks now. He's way more willing to climb than he ever has been. He has been really excited about monkey bars lately and, on a good day, can do 5 or 6 bars in a row! The "move" in the picture above is called "sky touch."

Reed read his very first chapter book this month!!! He finished on 2/11/15. He was so excited. I was also so excited. He is falling in love with reading, which makes me so happy. Watching him going from sounding out words to reading fluently has been amazing. 

Each month, Reed's school sends home a "family" project. We have had fun every month on our project--though I think we were most proud of the turkey we disguised as a drummer complete with a drum set. In January, we had to disguise a snowman to help him make it until spring. We made our snowman look like the Easter Bunny! I think he turned out quite cute.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Love that kid so much!! I love that you share these posts. It's fun to hear the little tid bits about those cuties that I love!!