Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dadvent Calendar, Week 2

Day 8, 3.24.15: Finish the Picture
"If you can connect dots you might be ready to finish a picture of a robot."
This dadvent was my idea and I think Ryan was a little skeptical, but the kids ended up loving it! Lila drew scribbles that she was quite proud of. Asher drew a monkey robot. And Reed drew two robots: one on side, you asked the robot a question. Then Reed would flip the paper over to show the robot saying "WHAT"

Day 9, 3.25.15: Dinner date
"Your night will be a winner. Come meet Daddy for dinner!" We've kind of made the mid-week dinner a tradition, especially since the kids literally see Ryan for an average of 5 minutes a day (right when they wake up, if he still happens to be home). For this date, we went to McDonald's, which was sure to make them happy, then Ryan surprised them with McDonald's ice cream cones after we ate!

Day 10, 3.26.15: Mad Lib
"_________, __________, and ___________s too!
Fill in the blanks, it's up to you!"

The first Mad Lib was so popular that Ryan decided to create another Mad Lib for week two. The boys had a lot of fun doing the Mad Lib and went out of their way to make it a little sillier, now that they knew that whatever crazy things they said would make their story funnier.

Day 11, 3.27.15: Easter Egg Hunt
Inside the advent slot was an easter egg with a note inside: "Go find all my friends. Keep hunting until the end!"

The kids knew just what to do and were they ever excited. They were so excited that I couldn't even get a picture of them holding still post-hunt--they were still doing happy dances over the treats they'd found! My favorite moment was when Reed used a toy sword to reach an egg that was too high for him to grab. He had to go find the sword, too--which was likely slower than grabbing a chair from the table next to him :)

Day 12, 3.28.15: Family Movie Night
"Let's give family movie night a try and watch Return of the Jedi!"

After two weeks of successful movie nights it just seemed silly to do anything else on Saturday night! The boys love Star Wars and love watching movies with Dad, so were quite happy. We even made our favorite dinner--pizza rolls--which the kids were especially happy about because we let them eat dinner "fun little dinner"style--at their picnic table in front of the TV.

Day 13, 3.29.15: Calico Basin
"Yabada daba do zippity zok
You can talk the talk
but can you walk the walk?
Let's find out, out in Redrock!" 

We wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather outside, so after church we packed a picnic and went to enjoy it in Calico Basin! Calico Basin is next to Redrock and is nice for many reasons--a few being that it is free and that it has a boardwalk all the way around, so you can walk and not hike when you're just wanting more of a stroll. The day was beautiful and the people watching was superb.

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kayla said...

I love that reed is in his undies for the egg hunt :)