Friday, April 17, 2015

Dadvent Calendar: Week 3

The kids and I were going to be out of town for the third week of the Dadvent, so Ryan and I prepped a full week's worth of Dadvent activities before I left! Here is what we came up with: 

Day 14, 3.30.15: Surprises for the drive.
"Red, green, black and blue
These have them all for you."
The boys got new pens with eight different colors of ink. Yes, eight. They loved the pens even more than I thought possible and spent large portions of the drive using their new pens to draw pictures in their binders. Lila got a new pack of crayons that she spilled everywhere within about 15 minutes of leaving home!

Day 15, 3.31.15: More surprises for our second drive.
"Busy bees make a hive.
Busy kids make a better car drive."

The boys got cool new army guys that came with several guns each. I loved listening to the conversations their guys had together. Lila got a flexible bunny to play with.

Day 16, 4.1.15: Mad Lib
"You describe the words: 
action and describing.
Perhaps super hairy
helicopter flying."
We've fallen hard and fast for Mad Libs. This was our third in three weeks!

Day 17, 4.2.15: Video of Dad
"Hiking, camping, canoeing in all it's glory
How about a video of Dad telling a scout story?"
Ryan sent the kids a video of him telling a "scout story." The boys love to hear about Ryan's antics as a boy scout and are always requesting he tell them stories. The video was a fun way to have a story even when we weren't together.

Day 18, 4.3.15: New CD
"Green eyes and a heart of gold...
Is the next line cold or sold?"
One of our new favorite songs is "Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold" by the Lone Bellow. Ryan got the kids their very own copy of the full CD to listen to in the car!

Day 19, 4.4.15: Video of Dad
"I hope that you will be glad
to watch a video of Dad."
Since we weren't going to see Ryan at all for a few days, we thought it would be fun to have a couple videos of him. This video told of story of Mom and Dad during their dating days! The story ended with a promise to get Ben and Jerry's ice cream (preferably Oatmeal Cookie Chunk if we could find it) after busy season. Promise fulfilled 4/15/15!

Day 20, 4.5.15: More surprises for yet another drive.
*Poem MIA*
This time, Daddy got flexible bunnies for everyone and a new movie: Epic! The boys have loved Epic for a long, long time and were so excited to have their own copy of the movie.

Day 21, 4.6.15: More surprises again for yet another drive.
"A know you got one yesterday,
But here's another.
Just press play."
Daddy got the kids the movie Epic! The boys have loved Epic for a long, long time and were so excited to have their own copy of the movie.
(not a picture of Epic, but a picture of us safely home!)

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