Thursday, April 16, 2015

Idaho: Easter Morning

I loaded all the pictures onto this post, then saved it as a draft. When I went back to add the text, I noticed the title read, "eater morning." This title was hilarious and appropriate, but the editor in me couldn't leave a typo in the title. Now there is going to be a much more obvious typo somewhere in this post that I am sure to miss (and I totally made at least five typos while typing this sentence. Geesh!).

The night before Easter, I told all the kids they had to wait in their shared room after waking up because Grandma and Grandpa were coming over and didn't want to miss the hunt. THAT WORKED. Miracles abound. When Grandma and Grandpa did arrive, the kids were super ready. Asher was so pumped that he fell coming out of the starting gate!

Luckily, he quickly righted himself and was off on the hunt!

The eggs were found in record time, I think. We were all impressed. 

Soon, the search for baskets commenced.

Some found their baskets more easily than others.

Lila slept through the hunt (she had been so miserable the night before I wasn't about to wake her up) and through the baskets, but she woke not too long thereafter and was very happy when she found fruit snacks...

and a Minnie Puzzle, along with a princess coloring book, bubbles, and a dollar in her basket!

Reed got orbeez (growing water beads), a water balloon sling shot, an egg full of coins, bubbles, and a dollar in his basket. He was acting a little disappointed and kind of weird Easter morning. I asked him what was wrong and he started crying and told me he didn't know. I asked him if he missed Daddy (I think this is what "they" call a "leading question"...oops) and he said yes. Poor boy.

Ashie got Big Hero 6, a hidden picture coloring/sticker activity thing, a coin full of eggs, bubbles, and a dollar. Woot woot.

We finished the morning festivities with time to spare, so enjoyed a slew of Mormon Messages videos before General Conference. Finally, it was time! I must admit that we did not watch either of the Conference broadcasts on Saturday (which I felt bad about--usually I watch them with the kids, but there were so many people and so much noise we just knew it wouldn't happen), so watching on Sunday was very nice. The kids were distracting in part but overall did really good quietly playing or working on their conference packets.

After conference, we enjoyed a tasty Easter lunch (thanks to Grace!), then the kids and I hopped into the car for our first leg of our drive home. The drive went by crazy quickly and the kids were SO good. It was amazing. We again stayed at Mandi's house. The next day, lulled into a false sense of security by our amazing drive the day before, I was sure the drive home (which was shorter than the drive on Sunday) would be a breeze. I was wrong. Something happened to one of my contacts, so I had to wear glasses, which meant no sunglasses. My eyes are ridiculously sensitive, so this was an issue. I'd caught a cold, so was super groggy the whole drive and basically had to eat or drink something the entire way to stay awake. It was so windy all the way from Provo to Vegas that the car was blowing all over the place. And Lila. Oh, Lila. She was a nightmare. Only napped for 45 minutes, and spent the rest of the drive crying or screaming for items she'd thrown and no one could reach. AHHHHHHH. I know it could have been much, much worse...but it was a hard one for me. When we got back to Vegas, we did get to meet up with Ryan for a late lunch, which was a lot of fun, then went home where Lila mercifully took a nap. Phew!

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