Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Idaho: Eggs and Cookies

That beast of a post (times two!) couldn't go on forever, so here is the third installment of our Idaho adventures! This post back tracks a little, which you'll just have to deal with. 

On Friday (which was the day of Lila's fever), we planned to dye Easter eggs. Luckily, Lila had just had a power nap and a dose of ibuprofen, so she was energized enough for 20 minutes of egg dyeing. We had a lot of kids and not a lot of eggs, but everyone had fun, I think!

The preferred egg dyeing method was the egg spinners. You add an egg, some color, then get to push a button over and over that spins the egg all around a little enclosed bowl. Awesome, yes.

After their go with the spinners, the boys both decided to try drawing on the eggs with "magic" crayons. Neither really knew what they were drawing, since you can't see the design on the egg, so were pretty pumped when the egg dye revealed their pictures.

At the end, Kenny and Grace's table was tye-died, but thankfully it all washed off!

On Thursday (nope, I'm not even going to try to change the picture order), we decorated sugar cookies! For some reason--I think to avoid another trip to the store--we decided to make frosting. I made the frosting and immediately knew that while it was quite tasty, the frosting was definitely not going to look beautiful spread onto cookies. We'd chosen the wrong frosting (the horror!).

Despite the frosting snafu, the kids all had a really fun time decorating and eating their cookies. 

When they were done decorating, Lynnie and I decorated all the cookies that were left. There were a lot, but I kind of love decorating cookies so I was cool with it. Once we decorated them all, we piled the non-kid-decorated cookies onto plates and sent the kids around to neighbors houses to deliver the cookies!

Reed took his time on all his cookies, but I was especially impressed by his bunny:


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