Sunday, April 12, 2015

Idaho: A hunting we will go

We left off after the baptism. Lila got a nap in a bed and was still sleeping when it was time to hunt. Usually, if I have to wake her from a nap (or even when she wakes by herself) she is quite groggy and exceedingly grumpy. That day, though, I told her we were going on an Easter egg hunt and she immediately popped out of bed and said, "Yeah eggs! Lila bucket!" I may have to start planning an egg hunt after every nap.

We gathered all the kids (14!) and made them first pose for a picture and brief rule explanation.

The little kids (4 and younger) got a head start. Asher probably didn't really need a head start, but he was pumped about being in the little kids' group this time--more eggs for him!

Lila took Grandma along and immediately started gathering eggs, without even pausing to consider the contents. She was all business.

Many eggs were hidden in trees, and Asher found a method to reach the eggs that were too high for him: shake the low branches! His method worked well and he soon had a bucket full of eggs.

Finally it was time for the big kids! Reed partnered with Grandpa (who he LOVES to partner with) and headed for a far corner that hadn't already been razed by the little kids.

After all the easy eggs had been found, we headed for the creek bed where we found a plethora of eggs hidden in more tricky spots. (And by we I mean I found the eggs and showed the boys where the eggs were hiding.)

One of the eggs Asher found was inside a bush. The egg had cracked open a bit when shoved into the bush, an it didn't take long for a stowaway to make himself comfortable. We didn't end up eating that treat.

At last, all the eggs were found. The kids immediately plopped down to check out their spoils.

Lila's favorite thing, hands down, was an inflatable ball she found. Love, love, love.

The boys were smitten by the finger ring flashlights. And, of course, the candy.

Hey look, I took pictures of other kids, too!

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