Friday, April 10, 2015


When we learned that Kody's baptism was going to be on the Saturday during Reed's spring break--and taking into account that we would likely not see Ryan at all that week--we decided to brave the 12ish hour car drive and the cold north to visit our cousins in Idaho!!! On Monday, we drove to Provo, where we took an overnight pit stop with Mandi. She took us swimming at the Provo Rec Center, which was so much fun! The Rec Center has two big water slides that are very long. You have to be 40" to ride and can't sit on a parent's lap. The slides don't end in a pool, or we wouldn't even have pretended to contemplate going. Reed was the first to be brave enough to try. And oh my gosh did he love the slides! He went over and over and over--his legs got their exercise climbing all the stairs between each trip! Asher wanted to go--but only on my lap. He actually climbed all the way up the stairs with Mandi, only to get too nervous at the top when he saw the rushing water. He decided to play on the water playground instead, and had a lot of fun on the little slides. Lila glued herself to Mandi and the two of them were all over the playground and little slides, too.

When it was time to go, I told Reed he could slide one last time and reminded Asher that this would be his last chance to try. To my utter shock, he decided to try the slides! He and Reed climbed to the top together (Asher wanted me to "catch" him) and Asher went right down with no hesitation! He hopped off all smiles. I was so proud of him for being so brave, so I let the boys go down three more times. We would have stayed longer but Ben and Kay were waiting for us to go to dinner! We dried off, had dinner, put the kids to bed, then stayed up too late chatting.

Unfortunately, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling so sick. I was pretty sure I was going to throw up and came basically as close as is possible to doing so without actually throwing up, so spend some time curled up on the bathroom floor. I'd been sharing a bed with Mandi and didn't want to wake her up if I needed to make multiple trips to the bathroom, so made myself a bed on the floor instead. When the floor got too uncomfortable, I curled up on the bed of her sections, between the two boys. As you can imagine, it wasn't an ideal night of sleep to come before a day of driving. After a shaky start in the morning, I decided to push through and do the drive. Thankfully, I felt okay during the drive and the kids were great.

Finally we were in Idaho!

We were the first two visitors to arrive and for the first two days we were the only extras in the house! The kids had such a fun time with their cousins. We spent a lot of time on the trampoline, rode bikes all over the place, walked/rode bikes to a few different parks in their neighborhood, met Hailey's bird, and enjoyed a lunch date at a McDonald's that had the coolest play place I've seen in a while.

Soon, the rest of the guests started to arrive! First was Lynnie and her family, followed the next day by Grace's parents and Sarai (Grace's sister) with her two boys. It is a good thing Kenny and Grace have a big house because there were a lot of people sleeping there!

Even more arrivals happened the next day: Kayla and Ben, Jeremy's (Grace's brother) family, and my parents and Mandi. Thankfully, this second wave were all sleeping elsewhere. When the kids were all over, though, there were about 15 of them!

We went to story time, played even more outside, and enjoyed an afternoon at Eagle Island. Well, the boys enjoyed an afternoon at Eagle Island with awesome aunts and uncles who took them because I was home with this girl:

Poor Lila had a rough trip. On Wednesday, she had allergy issues. She was getting pretty bad and I was kind of paranoid that we would end up in the ER again, so I asked Kenny and Nick to give her a priesthood blessing. I was thankful that even though Ryan wasn't with us, I was surrounded by priesthood holders who could help us out. Lila threw up the Benadryl I gave her, so Grace called a friend who is also a pharmacist. He came to the rescue with children's Zyrtec. By the next day, Lila's allergies had cleared significantly.

Unfortunately, the night after the allergy incident, Lila woke up with a very high fever--103.4. I gave her ibuprofen, which she threw up, then put her into a cool tub to help her fever come down. When we finally got back into bed, she slept, but only in my arms. The next day was spent on the couch or in bed, trying to keep her fever down while she just laid on my lap, too drained to do anything. She wasn't okay with me leaving her even for a few seconds, even if she could see me. A few times, she tried to get up to play, only to return to my lap within a few minutes when she remembered how yucky she felt.

That day was also when I noticed that a blister I'd seen on Lila's finger the day before had doubled in size and was filled with infection. Grace's mom is a nurse and told us we should lance the blister, soak her finger, then put on a bandaid with neosporin. Grace is an angel and did the lancing and draining while I held poor Lila. Her finger looked pretty much the same the next day, but worse the day after (Easter morning). My mom ran to the store to get a drawing salve (we were assuming something was stuck inside the wound), which we used for a day, followed by more neosporin and lots of clean dressings. Thankfully, the wound started looking much better and is now basically back to normal.

Lila spent a few days feeling yucky, but revived enough on Saturday to go visit a chicken farm owned by Grace's friend:

Asher didn't want to go to the farm, so stayed home with Grandma. After we all left, he realized that ALL  the kids were gone (we didn't realize everyone was going), and got really upset. Sweet Grandma drove him to the farm, but he never quite cheered up all the way.

 And finally it was time for the main event: the baptism!! I didn't actually take any pictures of the baptism, but the service was wonderful. Lila's fever spiked again, so she spent most of her time half-sleeping on my lap. The boys were super reverent and may have even been listening. I was so excited that they got to see a cousin they love so much get baptized!

After the baptism, we all went back to Kenny and Grace's for lunch (they are brave, feeding an army like that), then had a family egg hunt! But that will have to come in another post...

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