Friday, April 24, 2015

The Monthly Asher: 53

One day, we accidentally put the wrong lid on Asher's water bottle. He and Reed have matching water bottles that have different colored lids, and I didn't notice that I put the wrong lid on. Anyway, when Asher noticed, he started singing, "Choose the right...lid" 

One day Asher came up with a joke. The origin of the joke has since come into question. But Asher insists it's his own. Anyway, here is his joke: How did the frog cross the road? He tied himself to a chicken!

I don't know where he came up with this, but Asher started yelling, "Da goo da gee!" all the time, totally out of the blue. Da goo da gee has since developed into the phrase the boys use when they don't know something. And then, of course, Lila joins in yelling da goo, too. Asher never says this phrase in a normal tone, it must be yelled. 

According to Reed, Asher talks a lot in his sleep. Usually Reed can't really understand Asher, but the other day he heard, understood, and remembered what Asher said in his sleep: "I don't want blue hair because it's not the real kind of hair!"

One night, while we were in Lila's room to do scriptures and prayer, Asher put a dangly clip on earring on his ear. He told me, "I'm a Padawan learner and this is my Padawan braid! I'm Obi Wan when he was a Padawan!" 

For Mommy and Ashie time one day, Asher thought we should make an Easter basket for Ryan. We'd make the basket out of paper. I wasn't too sure this would work, but he came up with the design and wanted to try it! I constructed the basket according to his design while he made and cut out all the decorations. His basket turned out quite cute and was even functional.

One day, totally out of the blue Asher said, "Mom do you know if Mickey wears bigs?" Bigs are underwear. Hahahaha.

We read a Friend magazine story that suggested starting a wall of kindness. When we do something nice for others or someone does something kind for us, we write the act on a paper and put the paper up on our wall! After doing our wall for about a week we noticed that almost every paper was about Asher! He is always doing something sweet for others and is always willing to help.

One day, the kids were out playing chalk while I started working on dinner. Asher ran in to show me his hands. His hands--and forearms--were completely covered in chalk! Apparently, he drew a big circle with lots of layers of chalk, then rubbed his arms all over the circle of chalk. Lila and Reed followed suit.

Asher loves to take selfies, but her never makes any facial expression in them! I think he's super cute and contemplative looking.

Asher is super goofy and fun and when we take pictures, he is often the one who spurs the silliness :)

Asher is starting to move into reading pre-primer books! He had been reading the first few levels of BOB books, which are basically only short vowel words. Now he is starting to read books that have short and long vowels. He wants to read chapter books like Bub and is having a hard time being patient with the learning process. I have to remind him often that he is doing so great and that to be reading at all at age four is awesome, but he just gets frustrated when he can't read everything he wants to! I am impressed with his progress, though!


kayla said...

I definitely laughed out loud at his joke :) what a cutie!

Mandi Rolfe said...

He is definitely a silly boy. I love the first picture so much. Ashie looks so angelic in that picture. He's a cutie!!