Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Monthly Lila: 26

When we leave Reed's school after dropping him off, I usually tell Asher and Lila our plan for while Reed is at school. One day I said, "Here's the plan..." and Lila immediately yelled, "PLAY!"

(A leprechaun and a pot of gold)

Lila really likes saying the family prayer now and volunteers basically every time. She starts without waiting for you--"hef-ly, faf-ve" (Heavenly Father), then pauses to wait for help. We used to prompt her one word at a time, but now can do a few words at a time. Any time I say "Daddy" when she's praying, she immediately says, "Daddy work!" (Bless Daddy at work.) She also loves to pray for the missionaries. And sometimes, when I leave things out, she'll add them to whatever it is she's saying.

Lila learned to pedal her bike this month! For the longest time, she wasn't even willing to try--she'd just propel her bike by walking her feet along. Then she went through a phase where she'd "try" for about 45 seconds, then give up. If you gave her a little helping push, she'd just wait for more pushes. Then one day she just started pedaling and was pedaling all over the place. She loves it!

Lila realized that she's tall enough to fill a cup of water from our fridge. This realization has proved to be dangerous, but mostly just messy. Her favorite thing is to fill a cup of water full, then get four or five other cups and dump the water between all of them. She frequently fills her satellite cups, too, which means she has way too much water and spills water everywhere, generally. This activity does at least keep her occupied for a while.

Lila's speech has improved so much! She's added so many words to her vocabulary and has been combining longer and longer phrases. One of her longer phrases that stuck with me: "Mommy carry Lila pumpkin baby stairs get goo goo!" (She wanted me to carry her up the stairs to go find Asher.) She is also getting clearer in her pronunciation and has recently added clearer "l" and "Sh" sounds.

As mentioned above, Lila calls herself pumpkin baby or pumpkin girl often (Pum-pin baby, pum-pin durl). I love it. I'm the one who started calling her pumpkin, then pumpkin baby/girl--and she picked up on it :)

When Lila wore her Easter dress, I found two small pink bows that matched each other and looked good with her dress. I put them both in her hair and she just couldn't get over the fact that she was wearing TWO bow bows. She kept talking about her two bow bows all day!

Lila loves to have her brothers read to her. We generally let them each read a book to her at nap time, then I read one. She always sits still for my books, but gets up and walks around, then sits back down, then gets up to say hi to me, then sits back down when the boys read.

Lila is full of confidence. If anyone (be it someone we know or a total stranger) compliments the boys on something, she'll say, "Lila?" and display whatever item it is she thinks should be complimented. (E.g. if someone tells the boys they have a cool shirt, she'll point to her shirt. If someone like's the boys' shoes, she'll hold up her foot to show off her shoe.) She is also super friendly and will talk to anyone--she is constantly gaining admirers at the grocery store when she talks to the checkers and everyone in line behind us!

Lila loves to be a helper. If I'm doing something, she'll come up to me and say, "Lila Mommy helper?" (Can Lila be Mommy's helper.) She most loves to "teen teen" (clean)--she takes around a spray bottle of water and a clean scrub brush and cleans various things--and to help with anything dinner-related--she sits on the counter waiting for jobs while I cook; her favorite is to stir. She also likes to carry in bags from the grocery store (but only if they're super light!), holding the bags like a purse. She will help me with anything I let her do!

 Lila can't jump, but thinks she can. She basically yells, "JUMP!" then lifts one foot at a time, quickly. Or she runs in place to "jump" repeatedly. She likes to jump off things such as curbs and benches, but these jumps are really just big steps.

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