Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Monthly Lila: 27

Lila's favorite thing to say right now is "happy birthday to you!" Her phrase sounds more like "happy bur-bay to lou!" She generally says this phrase quite exuberantly and, once started, she repeats it ten or twelve times in a row! 
Playing with goo goo. And matching jammies, which made her whole day.
Lila has always been a fan of nursery, thankfully. I started asking her about what they did after nursery a few months ago, and the first thing she always told me was, "SNACK!" Then she'd usually come up with a few other things, including telling me what the snack was. Lately, as soon as she sees me after church she yells, "SNACK!" And I ask her if she had a snack in nursery. She excitedly yells, "YEAH!" then goes on to tell me what else happened. She's started doing the same thing with Reed when we see him after school. Before he even asks, she starts listing all the things we did while he was gone.
I took this picture to illustrate how awesome Lila's bedhead is--post-nap or post-night, it's always crazy!
Since she was sick in Idaho, Lila has decided that she really loves being carried. She's constantly asking, "Mommy terry" (Mommy carry) or "Hold lou?" (hold you...meaning hold her). I can't refuse her--unless my hands are legitimately full--and have been carrying her, especially on the stairs, quite often. Soon she won't want me to carry her, so I'm going to enjoy her want to be near me even if she is getting quite heavy.

"You" is a new word for Lila--she's always only referred to herself as "Lila"--and it's one of my favorites because she pronounces it "lou." She often uses it to ask me to "hold lou" (hold you, i.e. hold Lila) but will also use it when searching for things. For example, "Daddy? Are louuuuuuuu?" (Daddy? Where are you?) or "Mi-me drive drive, are louuuuuuuu?" (Minnie drive drive [car], where are you?) I love it. She has also started referring to herself very occasionally as "me."
One of Lila's most random pronunciations is "sub bub." What is sub bub? Cinnamon, of course. She is becoming clearer in her speech and her vocabulary is exploding right now. She is putting words together and making us all kinds of happy with her improvement.
When you ask Lila to give you a kiss, she often (softly) pinches your lips together, then comes in for the smooch. I don't know why, but I love it.
Lila loves wooden puzzles and has gotten pretty good at putting them together! It seems like she went from not being able to do them at all to getting all the pieces in by herself over night. Her favorite wooden puzzles are the puzzles that have sounds--when you get the right piece into it's spot, you're rewarded with the sound of whatever the item in the picture makes.
One day while the boys were both gone, Lila and I put together every puzzle in this stack!
Lila also really loves ladders. When we go to the park, she generally avoids the stairs in favor of climbing the ladders. She is actually quite proficient at climbing most ladders, especially the ladders that have a small gap between the ladder and the actual play ground. The ladders that have a larger gap that needs to be stepped across make me nervous, because she can't step across them without assistance. I'm pretty diligent about watching and helping her, but I'm sure at some point she's going to try when I'm not there to help! Anyway, at the kindergarten playground in the mornings, she'll climb a ladder, yell, "MORE!" then slide down the slide as a means to get back to the ladder. She's at the playground for the ladders, not the slides.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

I love that she pinches your lips together before giving you a smooch. What a cutie!