Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Monthly Reed: 76

The boys and I got into a discussion about time zones. I mentioned that their cousins, who live in Kuala Lumpur, are in quite a different time zone--like a different day different. We looked up the actual time in KL and Reed responded, "That just blew my mind. Like I felt the wind blow by."

One day Reed was trying to wrap his arms around himself and said, "I call this move 'cold.'"

Reed came out of his room one morning and said, "Daddy, what is all over me??" He had a rash all over his chest and back. We called our doctor, who told us to try a bath and benadryl, in case the rash were an allergic reaction. After a few hours, nothing had changed, so we went into the office. After seeing the rash, the doctor thought it may have resulted from untreated strep--but the test for strep was negative. The doctor prescribed a steroid cream and benadryl, treating the rash like an allergy--and within a day it had cleared up! Weird.

One day I commented to Reed that he was getting taller and slimmer. His response, "I hope I don't turn into Aunt Spiker!" Aunt Spiker is the very skinny, very mean aunt from James and the Giant Peach, which we were reading at the time. I thought the connection was quite clever, especially since he came up with it so quickly!

At school, Reed's teacher often lets the kids choose a center to do if they finish their work early. Reed and another boy at his table, Anthony, often finish early. The past four or five times they've finished, they've been reading a math book together! They both love math and they both love reading and they're having a lot of fun. They made a deal that they are going to read together every day until they finish :) The book had one page of jokes, which he memorized immediately and has re-told numerous times. Today he asked me if you can get a whole book just of jokes. When I told him yes, a joke book immediately became his new ultimate desire.

Asher and I were picking out new underwear for Reed one day while Reed was at school. Asher found a pack of Angry Birds Star Wars underwear in Reed's size that were the exact same as Asher's Angry Birds Star Wars underwear and was sold. The next day, they wore matching underwear, shirts, shorts, socks, and shoes. Sooooooo cute.

Reed earned his blending badge at school! The principal tests each Kindergartner on a few things they can pass off: Alphabet Crown, Blending Badge 1, Blending Badge 2, and Sight Words. Reed got his Alphabet Crown in December and has been awaiting his Blending Badge test. He was the first group from his class that got to take the test and did a great job! The day he earned his Blending Badge also happened to be his 100th day of school and a day when he got to choose whatever center he wanted during class time, which all equated to his "best day of school ever."

Reed has lost four teeth so far and just yesterday informed me that he has another loose tooth! His new wiggler is on the bottom left, right next to one of the teeth that are currently growing in. His two top haven't started growing in yet and his bottoms are just around halfway up, so he has a pretty decently sized hole in his mouth. He loves to stick his tongue through the hole. When I help him brush his teeth (I take a turn, then he does), I always end by brushing his tongue. Tonight, he stuck the tip of his tongue through the hole when I requested "tongue," then cracked up. I love him.

Reed and Asher were jointly saving up for a Star Wars lego set that cost $40. They each had about $19 saved up when a crazy deal on a box of lego bricks went on sale online--$20 for a box that normally costs $40! I told the boys about it, mentioning that they could buy the box that day, then continue saving up for the Star Wars set. Asher immediately decided against that idea--he just wanted the set. Reed, though, considered the idea heavily. He came to a very tearful decision to buy the set. We talked it out and he said that he wanted the Star Wars legos, but he could get them for $40 any time. Since the brick box was only on sale that day, he thought it made more sense to get the set. He was crying because it was a hard decision! We got the brick box and picked it up the next day. As soon as he saw the box he was pumped about his decision. We played with those legos for hours that day!

One of Ryan's dadvent notes had a misspelling--instead of "your night will be" it said "you night will be." Reed, jokingly, said, "You night...ed states!"

I'm not sure where he got this idea, but one day Reed decided that it would be really cool to build a clubhouse on the stairs. The kids all pulled their soft blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals to the two landings of the staircase and entirely ensconced the stair landings in softness! This clubhouse has since been built and dismantled several times.

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