Monday, May 25, 2015

The Monthly Lila: 28

The biggest news of the month is that Lila Jae is potty trained! Can I get a high ten? Fist bump? Woot woot? All are called for. Potty training was not fun with this little lady. But it is done and done--minus night training. She still wears a diaper at night, but she has started waking up dry. She is wearing underwear at naps and waking up dry. Let's say it together: NO MORE DIAPERS.

Lila is (generally) a joy to be around. She is so loving and so pumped about every new or cute or fun thing she encounters. She is so girly. She LOVES accessories. She likes to dress up in her dress up clothes, too, but really it's all about the accessories. She is constantly stomping around the house in dress up shoes, bedecked with whatever necklaces, rings, and bracelets she's scavenged from her dress up station. She turns the most random things into bracelets or necklaces. She is so cute.
Speaking of cute, this girl is cute and knows it! She loves her regular clothes almost as much as her dress ups and you can tell when she feels particularly cute in an outfit--she struts around grinning and shows off to whoever will give her what she interprets as attention (which can be as simple as a passing glance her way)! She really loves her church dresses and is obsessed with the sparkly shoes she talked my mom into buying for her at Target.

On the other hand, Lila can also be a terror! She is a total bully to Asher. The two of them can't leave each other alone! He will be totally minding his own business and she will nonchalantly walk up to him and say, "Owie! Scratch!" then scratch him! Eek. We are working on it. Neither of them are willing to give up on fights, no matter the subject of the fight. They are often found pushing against each other with all their might, each trying to claim whichever spot the other was sitting in! When the aren't fighting, though, they are ridiculously cute, hugging and reading books and playing Lila's toys together. Asher is way more patient about playing Lila's toys with her than Reed is--Reed just doesn't want to play Minnie or ponies or dress up.

Lila also love to wrestle with the boys and Ryan! She is super strong and very solid so though she is much shorter than the boys she holds her own! She loves rough-housing. She is constantly asking Ryan to help her do flips or "ro-ret pack" (rocket pack--where he holds her legs only and she balances upright).

Lila thinks she is one of the buddy school kids :)

Lila has Fancy Nancy underwear, which is solely because we found Fancy Nancy hanes 3-packs at our dollar store! When she started wearing underwear, we decided we should probably read a Fancy Nancy book or two so she would be more excited about the underwear, ha! Well, as it turns out, Lila has fallen in love with Fancy Nancy (or Fa-fee da-fee, as Lila would say). 

Lila has started getting upset at bed and nap times. She will protest "No nye-nye!" (night night), but settles pretty quickly when we sit down to read books. She loves the books and the rock a byes and the cuddles, but when you start to leave she flips out. Lately, I've had to go in a few more times after leaving to calm her back down. I'm not sure exactly what is going on, but it is a little heartbreaking when she says, "Mommy tuwwle mow!" (Mommy cuddle more!)

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Monthly Asher: 54

Asher made up another joke this month:  "Why is ham called ham? Because lots of Hamblys eat it!"

One day Asher was being a pill and just crying about everything and I told him he needed to calm down. He responded with, "Lila is just making me feel crappy!"

On our trip, we got to our hotel after a long day of hiking and saw people swimming in the pool. It was late for us, so we told the boys we'd swim the next day. Asher said, "Why are they swimming then? Because they're weirdos?"

One day I asked Asher what his favorite color was. His response was a little surprising: 
Me: What's your favorite color?
Asher: dark!
Me: dark what?
Asher: dark anything!

The boys are constantly asking what funny things they said when they were little (hoping for both funny quotes and mispronunciations.) One of my favorite of Asher's current mispronunciations is ""soon-ior" which is "senior." I think he gets this one confused because we often talk about junior and senior primary--so he'll ask about "junior and soon-ior." I love it.

I love the picture above because I'm pretty positive Asher was running inside to grab something for someone. Generally, when someone asks a favor of the general group (Will someone...) Asher is the first to hop up--which he does almost immediately--and run to help with the job.

Asher loves to be warm and cozy. I often get a good chuckle at bed time because Reed will be wearing underwear only and Asher will be wearing long sleeves and long pants! He also loves to wear "long and long" (his words) chillers--long sleeves and long pants. We wore some long sleeved shirts and long pants on our trips because a few days were rainy and chilly. After our trip, when we were putting the clean laundry away, Asher grabbed one of his long-sleeved shirts and said, "YES! More long sleeves!" 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Nevada Reading Week

So apparently I loaded all the pictures for this post in March--yes, two whole months ago--then never added text to publish it! What a geek. Anyway, the beginning of March brought our first ever school reading week! Reed was quite excited about all the activities planned for the week and especially pumped about the dressing up aspects that came along with reading week. He was definitely one of the very few kids in his class who actually dressed up every day. 

Monday was "Exercise" your right to read day--which meant he got to wear exercise clothes to school! If you know my children, you know they have an obsession with "chillers," AKA cozy clothes. They seriousl never wear real clothes all day long. As soon as we walk in the door, they are stripping off their shorts or jeans and heading off in search of something more comfortable. If we leave the house again, they put back on their real clothes, only to change right back into chillers when we get home. I get it, though. I love to be cozy! Reed was super pumped about wearing his chillers to school, especially when I approved the Oscar de la Hoya headband. (Also, don't mind that random gray dot in every picture. My phone started doing that randomly. I wasn't excited.)

Day two was Dr. Seuss from head to toe day--which meant Dr. Seuss hats, red and white clothes, and crazy socks! I let Reed wear chiller shorts again (the same pair...gross?) (he really wanted those particular shorts because they were red and white) (we should have thought of that on Monday) (too many parentheses). Also, that hat he's holding was not actually on his head at school because that hat is not actually a hat. That hat? It's a Cat in the Hat game that can't actually be worn. He thought it would be nice for the picture, though. And those socks? They're mine.

Wednesday was crazy hair day. Unfortunately, we had cut Reed's only a week or two before reading week, so his hair was quite short and we weren't left with a lot of options. We decided to go with tons of tiny ponytails, kind of remniscient of Darth Maul's spikes. After school, when we took the pony tail holders out, Reed's hair still poed up in a ton of little spikes, which was kind of funny. On Wednesday night, the school had a family bingo/check out the book fair night. Ryan couldn't come (busy season, wah wah), but the kids and I went and had a great time. Reed wanted me to re-do his spikes so he'd have them again for family night at school. I was impressed he wanted to sit still that long twice!

Thursday was I "mustache" you to read day. At the family bingo night the night before, we'd purchased temporary tatoo mustaches for all three kids. They all donned their mustaches in honor of the day and looked hilarious. Lila had kind of a runny nose, which rubbed off the middle of her mustache and left her with two curly side mustache tails only. The next day--when we tried to get off the mustaches for real--I had to spend quite a long time scrubbing three little faces.

On Friday, the very last day, the theme was "Be a!" When Asher and Lila saw Reed wearing a costume, they just had to wear costumes, too. Asher's and Lila's weren't superhero costumes, but they had a good time! Reed was prett pumped to have another cozy outfit day.

One last item of note. On Monday, Reed came home with a list of reading challenges, with things like "read in the dark with a flashlight" and "get your own library card" and "read in the tub." He could earn points for each challenge he completed, then be entered in a drawing for free books if he earned enough points. We did almost every single challenge! I think our favorite was piling a ton of pillows in the tub, then cozying up and reading together.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Dadvent, Week 4

The last week of the dadvent! How did it took me so long to post this? No one knows.

Day 22, 4.7.15: Mini Lego sets
"What is let it go
with no t's or i's
Look by your drums
for a fun surprise."
Our dollar store sells mini fake lego sets. The pieces work with regular legos, which is awesome. Ryan found mini pterodactyls and knew the boys would love them. He was right. Reed was especially pumped because he had just finished a book about dinosaurs!

Day 23, 4.8.15: Building kits to build with mom!
"Painting and gluing
can be tough.
But in the end you'll
have a place for your stuff.
Here is a project to do if mom is feeling okay"
When we went to Madison's blessing in August, we missed a Home Depot building workshop. Ryan happened to be in Home Depot in Vegas that day and the cute coordinator gave him sets for the boys. We hadn't ever gotten around to building them, so he left them as an activity for the day! I was really, really sick that day so we didn't actually build the sets until the next day.

Day 24, 4.9.15: Thank you notes to write.
"Saying thank you is always nice
I have got a job for you
Write a note to say thanks
Maybe draw a picture too"
I loved this idea. The boys had been so focused on getting surprises it was nice for them to do a surprise for someone else! Asher wrote his thank you note to Daddy; Reed wrote his to Hailey and Kody.

Day 25, 4.10.15: Double allowance
"We've all been sick this week,
and you haven't caused much trouble
so when it comes to allowance,
I thought you deserved double."
This one is probably self-explanatory, but we gave the boys $1.00 instead of $0.50 for allowance. They were quite excited. They are saving up for a big lego set together and were happy to get closer to having enough money!

Day 26, 4.11.15: Balloons and breakfast date.
"I am filled with air and
float around. Find me downstairs
to see what's going down."
Ryan got "congratulations" mylar balloons--one for each kid--to congratulate them for making it to the last Saturday of busy season! The balloons had a note inviting them to pick up donuts and come meet him at his office to eat breakfast. We quickly got dressed, got the donuts, and went on over! The kids were so excited to see Ryan--they hadn't really seen him at all during what would be a 96-hour week!--and were just pumped on all the sugar! After, the kids and I went shopping for a dress for me for Kayla's wedding (success), played in the water at Town Square, then went to the movie matinee (Penguins of Madagascar) at the library!

Day 27, 4.12.15: Movie night and tent
+Poem MIA+
We watched Star Wars Episode I, then Ryan set up the tent for the boys to sleep in!

Day 28, 4.13.15: Supplies and instructions for a craft!
+Poem MIA+
The poem led the boys to the iPad. When they unlocked the iPad, a picture of the craft popped up! The craft was pony bead lizards. The boys were more pumped than I thought they would be and it gave us something fun to do together!

Day 29, 4.14.15: New easy chapter book and stickers.
"Daddy has something fun for you!
Look in a place where you
could wash your hair,
but never do."
The chapter book is a Monsters U chapter book--Reed is excited about it being a chapter book and Asher is excited about it being Mike Wazowski! Lila was most pumped on the stickers.

Day 30, 4.15.15: Scavenger Hunt!
Clue 1: "Last day of busy season
Happy day for the boys
To find your next clue
Go to where Daddy keeps his toys." (office)

Clue 2:"9 is the number
You'll be needing
Look for the next clue floating
On the downstairs ceiling." (tied to a balloon downstairs)

Clue 3: "17 is the second number
that you will desire
For the third
Look at Reed's flat tire." (Reed's bike)

Clue 4: "36 is the last number
You will need
To find your treasure
Go to where we have
All peed." (Mom and Dad's shower)

For the last day, we went all out. The advent calendar had the first note and a key in it. The key unlocked a lock on a suitcase in the office, which held another clue. They wound up finding the treasure in the master shower. The treasure was inside a duffel bag that was locked with a combination lock! They had to use all their clue numbers to open the lock. Inside, there was a mini lego set for each boy (AT-AT for Reed and TIE fighter for Asher) and a princess ball for Lila! Ryan was so excited for the boys to do the hunt because he knew that they would love it--so when he was ready to go at 6:40 he checked to see if they were awake. They were, so we let them come out of their room early! Usually they stay in until 7:00. They loved the hunt and built the sets all by themselves as soon as they could. That night, Ryan made it home at 5:00 p.m.! Tax season is OVER!!!

The Monthly Reed: 77

One day I asked Reed to carry a book for me. He responded, "How can I hold the book if I only have talons?" I looked over at him and he had three of his fingers curled into a claw!

Reed likes to "click" songs. Basically, he clicks his tongue to the beat and kind of the tune of songs we listen to in the car. One day he folded a little book and wrote random stuff in it, then told me, "I made a hymn book of Taylor Swift for clicking." 

Is it mean to tell you Reed has had kind of an issue with lying lately? He's pushing boundaries and doesn't like to get in trouble. He very frequently tries to slide the blame onto someone else--anyone, really as long as it's not himself. Or he'll lie about things. We've had many, many talks about it and honestly, it's been really, really hard for me to stay patient with it. Hopefully the things we're saying will sink in at some point!

Reed and his buddy Anthony from school have started talking books. Reed has been super into the Magic Treehouse series (he's read the first four and has been waiting for number five to be returned to the library) and he's recommended them to Anthony. Anthony is going to try to get the books, too, so the two of them can discuss the books. I love it! I think Reed's favorite Magic Treehouse book so far has been Mummies in the Morning--which may be partially because we saw an Egypt exhibit at the natural history museum just a few days after Reed finished reading the Mummies book, and then we also pulled out an awesome Egypt book we bought many years ago with future Reed in mind! He's been perusing the Egypt book like nobody's business.

Reed's school class got to hatch chicks! They had four eggs that hatched (I think they had one egg that didn't make it). They got to candle the eggs, which Reed thought was crazy cool, and got to watch the chicks go through the hatching process. He also got to hold a tiny chick right before he went off track.