Monday, May 18, 2015

Dadvent, Week 4

The last week of the dadvent! How did it took me so long to post this? No one knows.

Day 22, 4.7.15: Mini Lego sets
"What is let it go
with no t's or i's
Look by your drums
for a fun surprise."
Our dollar store sells mini fake lego sets. The pieces work with regular legos, which is awesome. Ryan found mini pterodactyls and knew the boys would love them. He was right. Reed was especially pumped because he had just finished a book about dinosaurs!

Day 23, 4.8.15: Building kits to build with mom!
"Painting and gluing
can be tough.
But in the end you'll
have a place for your stuff.
Here is a project to do if mom is feeling okay"
When we went to Madison's blessing in August, we missed a Home Depot building workshop. Ryan happened to be in Home Depot in Vegas that day and the cute coordinator gave him sets for the boys. We hadn't ever gotten around to building them, so he left them as an activity for the day! I was really, really sick that day so we didn't actually build the sets until the next day.

Day 24, 4.9.15: Thank you notes to write.
"Saying thank you is always nice
I have got a job for you
Write a note to say thanks
Maybe draw a picture too"
I loved this idea. The boys had been so focused on getting surprises it was nice for them to do a surprise for someone else! Asher wrote his thank you note to Daddy; Reed wrote his to Hailey and Kody.

Day 25, 4.10.15: Double allowance
"We've all been sick this week,
and you haven't caused much trouble
so when it comes to allowance,
I thought you deserved double."
This one is probably self-explanatory, but we gave the boys $1.00 instead of $0.50 for allowance. They were quite excited. They are saving up for a big lego set together and were happy to get closer to having enough money!

Day 26, 4.11.15: Balloons and breakfast date.
"I am filled with air and
float around. Find me downstairs
to see what's going down."
Ryan got "congratulations" mylar balloons--one for each kid--to congratulate them for making it to the last Saturday of busy season! The balloons had a note inviting them to pick up donuts and come meet him at his office to eat breakfast. We quickly got dressed, got the donuts, and went on over! The kids were so excited to see Ryan--they hadn't really seen him at all during what would be a 96-hour week!--and were just pumped on all the sugar! After, the kids and I went shopping for a dress for me for Kayla's wedding (success), played in the water at Town Square, then went to the movie matinee (Penguins of Madagascar) at the library!

Day 27, 4.12.15: Movie night and tent
+Poem MIA+
We watched Star Wars Episode I, then Ryan set up the tent for the boys to sleep in!

Day 28, 4.13.15: Supplies and instructions for a craft!
+Poem MIA+
The poem led the boys to the iPad. When they unlocked the iPad, a picture of the craft popped up! The craft was pony bead lizards. The boys were more pumped than I thought they would be and it gave us something fun to do together!

Day 29, 4.14.15: New easy chapter book and stickers.
"Daddy has something fun for you!
Look in a place where you
could wash your hair,
but never do."
The chapter book is a Monsters U chapter book--Reed is excited about it being a chapter book and Asher is excited about it being Mike Wazowski! Lila was most pumped on the stickers.

Day 30, 4.15.15: Scavenger Hunt!
Clue 1: "Last day of busy season
Happy day for the boys
To find your next clue
Go to where Daddy keeps his toys." (office)

Clue 2:"9 is the number
You'll be needing
Look for the next clue floating
On the downstairs ceiling." (tied to a balloon downstairs)

Clue 3: "17 is the second number
that you will desire
For the third
Look at Reed's flat tire." (Reed's bike)

Clue 4: "36 is the last number
You will need
To find your treasure
Go to where we have
All peed." (Mom and Dad's shower)

For the last day, we went all out. The advent calendar had the first note and a key in it. The key unlocked a lock on a suitcase in the office, which held another clue. They wound up finding the treasure in the master shower. The treasure was inside a duffel bag that was locked with a combination lock! They had to use all their clue numbers to open the lock. Inside, there was a mini lego set for each boy (AT-AT for Reed and TIE fighter for Asher) and a princess ball for Lila! Ryan was so excited for the boys to do the hunt because he knew that they would love it--so when he was ready to go at 6:40 he checked to see if they were awake. They were, so we let them come out of their room early! Usually they stay in until 7:00. They loved the hunt and built the sets all by themselves as soon as they could. That night, Ryan made it home at 5:00 p.m.! Tax season is OVER!!!

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